19 October 2011

The first move

In a perfect world the idea of us against them would not exist in traffic (or anywhere else for that matter). It would not be about steel vs. wheels, but rather about a joint effort to make things go as smooth and safe for everybody as possible. It is not really that much of a stretch, if you think about it. All it takes is a slight adjustment of our mindsets, a reminder that in the end of the day we are all the same. It is crazy to think that you can spend a perfectly pleasant day with a person, and at the end of it he gets in his car, you get on your bike, and all of a sudden you are supposed to be on opposing teams? It just doesn't make any sense.

But maybe we are seeing a change coming our way. Statoil gas station on Frederiksberg is leading the way by offering cyclists a space to nurse their bikes. You would think there were more pit stops like this in the capital of cyclists, but there are not. This is a first, and I am nothing short of impressed.

(Sign reads) Dear cyclist, here is a place to care for your bike. You can wash and pump it and in the store you are welcome to borrow a bike-kit with oil, tire levers, allen keys and more, free of charge. Enjoy.

How cool is this?


The bike care stations.

Sydhavnsplads 10, 2400 København V
Godthåbsvej 144, 2000 Frederiksberg C
H.C. Ørstedsvej 25-27, 1879 Frederiksberg C (closed)
Valby Langgade 119, 2500 Valby
Kongevejen 205, 2830 Virum

UPDATE May 2014:

The neighbor to the bike care station in the picture, complained about humidity in the basement. According to the engineer, the cause is the sewer system, but the city of Frederiksberg disregarded that assessment, and ordered the bike care station closed. Such a shame.


  1. That is awesome! It restores my faith in humanity when there is a sense of community :)

  2. SUPER SUPER cool!!!
    Wonder if Jylland will get any of those?!

  3. It's not the first in Copenhagen. Shell - I believe it's the one on Tagensvej, has been offering the same service for several years except the oil. They don't really make a fuzz about it, with fancy blue signs or anything though :)

  4. This is just the thing I need to care for my bike :) Will look for it!
    My guess is the Statoil on H.C.Ørsteds Vej?
    On Googlemaps:


  5. By the way I hope Statoil's good example will spread like a wildfire :)

  6. How cosy that you all agree this is super cool! The link to Statoil was acting up, but I am going to add the locations for all of the five bicycle stations by Statiol (they are taking requests too on where to place more).

    According to Simon, Shell have been offering something similar for years, minus the visuals and a few other things, and that is cool too. But I would not have noticed this service if the message had not been so clear and visible from the street.


  7. Super cool Sandra, would love that in my neighborhood. I ride Velib instead of my own bike for many reasons but one is that I have no place like that around...

  8. I checked it out today, and it was great! Being the post from 2011, I thought that they would have been long gone by today, but hell no! Up and running! Unfortunately it was -6°C today, so I didn't feel like getting my hands wet while washing my bike, so it's gonna have to wait until temperatures go up a bit...

    1. It is still there, I am pretty sure it is a permanent thing. :-)


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