12 October 2011

Give me an A

Give me an A. Give me an M. Give me an S. You see where this is going, don't you? I just came back from a much needed family visit in Amsterdam. It was a little longer than usual, and still I could easily have spent another week. Depending on how much I need the break, it takes a couple of days to wind down and find my pace. I am a creature of habit, the first thing I do is always to jump on my bike and make the rounds. Is the street art still there? Are the canals in place? The markets, the vintage shops, the morning croissant and Albert Hein (my favorite supermarket, I can spend hours there just browsing)?

Getting emotional in a supermarket is something that makes the natives laugh, but they don't know how lucky they are. They think it is normal to have entire isles dedicated to tea, and the ingredients available for cooking any meal in the world. They have fresh made salads, tons of fresh herbs, cut and whole fruit and vegetables, and they get fresh fish in small servings. No penalties (like here) for running a single persons household, the selection and prices are the same for both. In some cases as much as half the Danish prices. The shopping baskets are sparkly clean. Don't make me tell you how disgusting they can be here...

As it is the case with Copenhagen, it is the everyday stuff that makes me tick. All you need is a bike, a double shot of espresso and a camera.

Low profile

Street light pimping by Max Zorn. I meant to return for an after dark shot.. it looks like it could work magic with a backlight.

Beware of cat

Beware of cat, haha.

Beware of falling in love with Amsterdam.

The little things. Like three dimensional toilet signs throwing crazy cool shadows all over the place.

Oysters at the Amsterdam Saturday market

Fresh oysters at the Saturday Market, in a wide selection to take home or have cracked open on the spot. Copenhagen Oyster Trophy Week kicks off in a few days, a(-nother) five star fest for those who can afford it. It is cool. It is. But we need to have yum on a lower level too, where most people live. At the Saturday Market oyster stand everyone could play, I had two for €5, and rode around town with a big smile on my face for the rest of that day.




The details... sucking you in.

Are you worn out by Amsterdam yet? I may have to break it up for you a little bit. 

My Bronco is still hanging in:

My Bronco

 And there is more. So much more. To come.


  1. Im loving it!

    Did you see the street art on my blog?

  2. Oh my Sandra, I feel sorry for Copenhagen all of the sudden. 2 different prices depending on how many you are in the household? Longing for salad and tea ? I feel your pain !

  3. Hi Carole,
    We can find a lot of these things here too, but not in any one supermarket (Danish supermarket are run by a few chains that dictate selection and prices). And the selection in single servings is offensive. With so many of us out there they should have figured it out by now, wouldn't you think?


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