03 October 2011

A maiden voyage

When the roof started leaking back in the 1990s, the inhabitants of two houses in Birkegade decided to build a huge roof terrace. It took ten years just to get the paperwork straight, but last year the terrace was finally ready. Ever since I heard about it, I have been aching to see it, but it's a private area. To gain access you would have to butter up someone holding a key, and I'm guessing that they are worn out by that request already. 

But a giant roof terrace with an open air kitchen, a hilly garden and a couple of sundecks? This is like saying there is a cure for the winter blues, and then withholding the medication. I just know that my life would be better if I had access to a view of the sunset every once in a while. When I was invited to see the terrace, I jumped at the chance, and it was almost too much to take in, in just one visit. It was only when I began stitching the pictures together that I realized this had been my first unobstructed 360 degree panoramic view of Copenhagen. A maiden voyage.

(click to see this one bigger)

The viewing platform:

... looking down:

The combination of a skyline and wild flowers gets to me. Is it not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Just when you thought you couldn't possibly love this city more...

The terrace on the architecture website Copenhagen X.


  1. Hey Sandra

    5 star photos! ★★★★★

    I don't know the English word, but I found out it's an "Andelsboligforening" who agreed to the transformation of the roof? Do you know some of the tenants?

    NB: Typical Danish bureaucracy that it should take ten years to get the paperworks for this kind of build. That plus the economic aspect (found out it cost 19 mio. DKK) tells me why this concept hasn't spread throughout the entire city...It should be much easier and less costly to make something like this, but I guess all beginnings are tough.

  2. Hi Drumstick,
    Thank you for the five stars :D

    The word for Andelsbolig could be Co-Op, but I am not sure. I know someone who had access to a key, for this visit. I wish I knew someone who lived there (short of living there myself, of course), I imagine I would use the roof a lot, even outside the summer season, just for the hit of daylight and the amazing view.

    One of the reasons it took so long, was that every single neighbour had to sign off on it because people would be able to look into their houses. Not everyone did, but I understand it was close. Enough for the project to finally get the go ahead.

    And it has been a first, so big an event that the Mayor of Cph attended the grand opening. The cost will be less as they make more, I think. The pioneers lift a heavy burden, but also the great reward.

  3. Jeg ved godt, at det er din side og du bestemmer indholdet, men må jeg være helt ærlig synes jeg, det store Applelogo på forsiden (formentlig for at mindes og ære Steve Jobs) gør at siden ser kommerciel ud nu. En af de ting jeg ellers godt kan lide ved din blog er, at der ingen logo'er og reklamer er.
    Ved godt nogle Apple-brugere har en næsten religiøs dyrkelse af deres produkter, men jeg tilhører ikke dén skare og synes det er gået lidt over gevind :) RIP Steve.

  4. Det sidder der lige lidt for at markere at jeg faktisk er ked af at han er død. Hans virke og hans filosofi har haft en stor indflydelse på mit liv, og det er jeg taknemmelig for. På den ikke religiøse måde. Det triste æble er min måde at vise det på.

    Indimellem smider jeg et link eller et billede ind for at dele noget jeg godt kan lide, det er ikke noget jeg bliver betalt for, men den frihed tager jeg mig som ulønnet blogger.

    Det kan væra at jeg skulle lave en post omkring det. Tak for input.

  5. Oh I'm so envious, this is perfect! Rooftops are the best, I loved to visit them when I was in NYC.

  6. Hi Carole,
    the accessible rooftops are a rare thing in Copenhagen. I am hoping this will change in the future, and that there will be lots of public roofgardens.

  7. Ville ønske, det var muligt at komme derop, men du har nok ret - de er formentlig trætte af nysgerrige folk, som vil op og se deres tag.


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