25 October 2011

The neon lining

The descent into the dungeon has begun. The sun sets at six o'clock in the evening, sliding towards the unbearable low of four o'clock in the afternoon. And like some bizarre seasonal clockwork my counterproductive sleep pattern kicks in, robbing me of precious daylight. I was getting ready to give up on this day altogether as I passed the lakes on my way home, and like so many times before, they came to my rescue. The area surrounding the Irma neon strip is my favorite part of Copenhagen, and the neon sky have become synonymous with home to me. I know these flickering lights by heart, but every angle brings a fresh view, and for some reason I never really noticed this before.

Not this:

But this:

Neon water

Nice save, Copenhagen.



  1. Yeah I noticed too how it's dark when I get up and dark when I get home....better get used to it, I suppose... :-p
    I did however not notice the neon reflections you have photographed here!
    Who would have known the conservative shopping mart Irma could produce such psychedlelic water rainbows? ;-)

    Thanks Sandra - you help us through the Dungeon.

  2. How did we miss the water rainbows? I think the key is to stand by the far corner of the lake, where the neon stretches all the way. So yummy. I am going to need a lot of this to make it through the dungeon.

  3. Hej Sandra! We seemed to have had this conversation before ;) The flat below the egg... awesome!

  4. Haha, yes I noticed too. Same-same, but different. Classic Copenhagen. :-)

  5. Also one of my favorite places in Cph. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos :)

  6. Wow... the water rainbow is awesome!

    Nice blog by the way... And great pics! I share your love for Cph ;)

  7. Hi digtafon and noerrebro, I am so happy to hear that you like the pictures (and Copenhagen), it feels good to share them. :-)


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