08 October 2011

Spam me later

Apologies for the deafening sound of silence. I have a couple of things to share, but they are not quite cooked yet... until then, how about a quick spanking for the Copenhagen spammers? Somewhere someone have decided that it is acceptable to spam people in the public space, with full body sticker advertising on buses and taxis, treating the citizens of Copenhagen like nothing but mindless consumers. How did we get to this point? Are there even anyone left to draw the line?


What kind of moron gives the go-ahead for this garbage? Outrageous!


  1. Money talks. They get paid for this crap. and not to lower the fares hahahahaaha no, to increase their income and bonuses.

  2. The thing is they have no right to pollute our lives like that, but they are safe to assume that noone will stop them. The public space belongs to all of us, and we have a right to a clean environment. And on top of that it is an insult to the paying customers. How would you like to be transported around in a full body advertisement?

  3. Og hvis det så bare betød billigere biletter :-)

  4. Og hvis det endelig betød billigere billetter, så skulle reklamerne stadig være inden i bussen, hvor folk kunne vælge det t i l. Det kan ikke være rigtigt at man ikke kan færdes i det offentlige rum uden at blive bombarderet med så voldsomme reklamer. Jeg harmes bare, hrmpf.

  5. Tha company which runs the buses, trains and streetcars in Portland has in their policies that anyone who pays for an advertisement one one of said vehicles can put whatever they want there as long as it's legal, and the transit company cannot say anything about it.

    Of course, here it makes a little more sense, as the funding for public transit keeps getting cut further and further, even as the number of people using it rises. We have to spend too much money fixing the roads from all the automobile damage to spend money on buses and trains (which would help preserve the roads, ironically).

  6. Oh, I hate those so much! And even from the inside it just looks terrible. The public transport is financed from our taxes (and we all know how much we pay), and then on the top of it we pay for the tickets. So WTF with that crap sticked to our buses?

  7. Du er den / you are the shit ;-)

  8. Du er den!

    (You are the shit).

  9. What a freakshow bus! I understand your outrage perfectly, Sandra. At least we can turn off the tv, when advertisements invade our living rooms and lives, and we can say no to printed commercials in our mail box. But garbage like this bus advertisment is hard to avoid. Just like the poster billboards throughout the city (often near the bus stops).
    My way of 'punishing' the brands and ad agencies is to boycot the advertised goods, and not to buy the crap being peddled.

    -PS: Have you seen the works of street artist 'Poster Boy' who rearranges ad posters in New York and other places? He often cuts out the text and makes new meanings - or he transforms Helena Christensen into a scary entity by adding the mouth of a dog with rabies.

    Check out Poster Boy's Flickr stream:

  10. Wooop, thank you blog anmelder for the fantastic review, I am very happy :D (optur)

  11. Hi Dave,
    Advertisement on the side of the bus is one evil, but the full body sticker show is just vile. If the bus service can not run without it, something must be re-evaluated. This price is too high. Ah, it is really hard to stay angry when the blog reviewer Anmelderen throws roses at you, haha.

  12. Hi Martin and Drumstick,
    It makes me happy to know I am not the only one taking offense of this nastiness. They think they can get away with it, I think they should not. Maybe it is time for some giant "reklamer nej tak" (advertisements no thanks) to slap on where needed. :-) (I know about Posterboy, crazy cool stuff)

  13. Yeah, it's not too often that we get the entire bus-covering advertisements here, but it does happen on occasion. I think this goes along with hanging ugly, plastic advertisements all over the sides of buildings that look much nicer without them.

    Almost everywhere you look there's an advertisement for something, and these days, they aren't the nicely painted ones that match the buildings they are on, they are gaudy, mass-produced banners hung haphazardly, looking totally out of place.

    And I agree, our attitudes about public transportation need to change dramatically here - the transit company is mostly run from tax money, but fewer and fewer people are willing to let "their" tax money go towards something they don't use themselves, so funding for transit keeps getting voted lower and lower - meanwhile, of course, the people who really need it in order to get to work or the store or whatever keep having to pay more and more for it (and they are often the people who can least afford it), for less and less service.

    God bless America.


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