29 November 2011

Gay times

It never fails: when the seasons change, right around the turning point, I find it hard to fit in my own skin. I can't fall at sleep at night, and I can't wake up in the daytime. So frustrating. Also, jul (you may know it as Christmas) is approaching, with all kinds of reminders and rituals that I am not a part of. Same procedure as last year... unless I make an effort to turn it around, and somehow make it work for me. In a way this is a golden opportunity to make friends with jul. Look on the bright side and all that. I will let you know how that goes (like you will be able to miss it, haha).

As always, the gays knows how to have a good time:

Jul at Centralhjørnet


Gay bar Centralhjørnet already at it in early November. I need more gay people in my life. 

And while we are on the subject: our new government have decided that gays should be allowed to get married in church. Not all priests are equally enthusiastic (I would have been surprised if they were), but local church Stefanskirken is embracing the 21st century:

Congratulations Denmark!

Love knows no gender. Congratulations Denmark.

Okay jul, here I come, be gentle with me.



  1. Jeg elsker Stefanskirkens bannere. Jeg bor lige bagved, og kan kigge ned i hans køkken - jeg har dog ikke luret hvor han maler dem henne :)

  2. Åh, det må være verdens mest sympatiske præst og kirke, der er altid glade og søde hilsner til gadens folk. :D

  3. It's one of these things which make me happy to live in Denmark. In Poland this church would be burned to the ground and you would have hundreds of old ladies with candles praying to send all these gay people to hell (with the support of young nationalists parties) :P

  4. Oh, no, it so bad I can't help but laugh just picturing it. Medieval. There are those who are opposed here too, but regardless of our differences of opinion, we all share our belief in the democratic process. No burning of churches here.

  5. He, he, actually they wouldn't burn the church. I guess couple of granmas would selfburn themselves, and the priest who allowed the wedding would be send to Etiopia:)

  6. Jeg elsker det banner... Hvor er det dejligt at se.

  7. I don't like christmas ornaments in december, and definately not in early november, not even if they were put up by gays or lesbians ;)
    In fact I am considering skipping xmas this year.

    About the gay marriages, its nice to see the conservative church is finally beginning to adapt to the 21st century. And if a gay couple can't get married in their local church, they can always find a vicar in another parish, if they find it important to be married in the "true christian way". I don't understand why they are so adamant it has to be in a church -unless of religious reasons of course. Some gays probably just want the right because of the principle in it: that they should have the same rights as heterosexuals. I quite understand, even if it means the right to be hitched in "the house of God" ;-)

    I'm also impressed by the banner. If it was made by the vicar himself, he has a hidden talent in graphic design, that's for sure! Just look at the serifs on those fonts!

  8. Hi Drumstick, this man gives the church a good name, with his always inspiring banners. I am no fan of religion or jul, but at least I am working on the latter. I know from experience that fighting jul is a losing battle, so I will try to take only the best from it. Even if it is only the little things. Like nisseøl with risengrød.

    Centralhjørnet is going so overboard (the door opened while I was shooting, I caught a glimpse of something that looked like another world), with the ceiling covered in hanging giant, colorful glittery ornaments. So bad it's good. If it had been in a department store I might have thrown up, but this setting transforms this holiday into a party. Like julemanden in drag. Crazy good.

    Hej Stopdetdog,
    Jeg elsker det også! :-)

  9. Hi,

    I went to Copenhaguen last summer and it was such a nice place !

    If you need more "gay people in your life" as you said, maybe you might find this site useful. This is the one I found when I came there and you can download the app and get a full list of all popular gay places in town...

    Just in case :
    Gay bars in Copenhaguen

    Vive le Danemark !!

    1. Haha, fortunately gay people are everywhere, and they know how to have a good time outside the club scene too. But maybe someone else will find your link useful, so thank you for leaving it. : )


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