21 November 2011

Lights and inaction

Greetings from the dungeon. Dark and cold, draining all energy at the exact time daylight fades. This is what it must feel like to be a hundred years old. The light today have been meh at best, and it was going fast. I was so sure that the camera would go to bed hungry again, when I passed a house with a front of back lit, tinted windows, also known as yum. Before we head to the dungeon, have a peek at the summer version, spotted back in May:

Utter coolness, you must agree? And today's yum:

The gym

The gym

A school gym for 1st to 5th graders, this woke me right up. 

It makes perfect sense to take advantage of the dark and play with light and colors. I hope more architects will catch on soon. It doesn't even have to be major surgery, a little foil goes a long way:


And finally a goodnight kiss from Industriens Hus on Town Hall Square, before I slip back into my coma...

Industriens Hus 2.0

I miss the sun so much.

(End whine)


  1. Come to Greece... No money, no bikes, but lots of sun... :-)

  2. Haha, no bikes... really? That makes little sense, when you think about how once you have one, you can go almost anywhere for free. Is it too hilly, or is traffic too crazy, I wonder?

  3. OH I'm sorry you miss the sun, at least we have sun here until 5-ish. Come to Paris, on your way to Greece, it's less cosy than CPH but we have wine and more sun. :-)

  4. Mmm, a trip through Europe, chasing the sun. Just what I need right now. Paris is crazy cosy in the wintertime, so many lights, so much to see. I wish I could go. :-)

  5. Dungeon time alright :-p It's dark when my alarm clock beeps in the morning, and dark when I get off work. One more month, Sandra, then the days become longer again! :)

    One thing I wonder about your pictures today, are the "Hay" signs in the windows of the "House of Industry"... kind of gives a funny twist to the old, conservative building.
    Do you know what they mean by it? I would say the 'greeting' is spelled "Hey" , not "Hay". Hay is the material harvested on fields, right? Maybe they just really love hay. Or perhaps it's the fancy name of some advertising agency...!


  6. Hi D,
    Only one month you say? That makes it almost bearable. The HAY windows are the HAY design and interior store (they spell it like that, all caps) on Højbro Plads, by the Storck Fountain. Industriens Hus is only on the last picture, I think they made the light show to compensate for the insane construction bonanza. Super cool. This is a part of Copenhagen that I try to avoid, but somehow I seem to have been stopping by more lately.

  7. Hi Sandra - Ok, didn't know the HAY designers (bit embarrassing as I went to Arts College, but I'm just not that into furniture and textile design ;)

    About the day length: it's December 21st that is the shortest day of the year - from then, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

  8. Sandra: Traffic is crazy, no infrastructure at all (there is not a single bike lane in Athens) and people are too afraid to cycle. The bright side is that lately we see a small but noticeable increase of cyclists, maybe due to the financial crisis... :-)

  9. Nothing boosts bicycling like a financial crisis. And when we eventually run out of oil, and clean air, maybe then the streets will be returned to us. :-)


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