18 November 2011

Hairy times

For the month of November Danish men are growing moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The Australian Movember movement has recruited 7000 men, and the Danish Cancer Society have launched a similar initiative, making for some hairy times. And we are not just talking faces:

Blød Lykke salutes Movember
Kiss and love a lot

Soft Happiness / Blød Lykke

You gotta love a cross stitcher, what an effort.

Even the buses are on board:

Mo bus

When something is hyped out of orbit, my gut instinct usually tells me to run in the opposite direction... but as was the case with the glass fiber elephants/cows/Christmas trees, you are not really allowed to frown upon a good cause. We'll all just have to pucker up and kiss grandpa.

Movember Denmark (in Danish only)


  1. I must say this made me smile :) This is nice.
    And thank you so much for the nice comment Sandra :)) I was out of town and could not answer properly...

  2. I am glad to hear it, Carole. It is pretty cosy, actually. I have yet to see crazy moustache live, but Movember is still young.

  3. My husband is sprouting a new 'stache in honour of Movember... scratchy, yes but all for a good cause!

  4. It is funny, I am developing a taste for the fuzzy look. :D


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