15 November 2011

Happy Bear Hug Day

Forget about this 11/11/11 business, it is all about today: Classic Copenhagen turns two. Can you believe it? Almost everything about it has come as a surprise to me: how it has fuelled my love for Copenhagen, how many hours I would spend here and how crazy rewarding it is. I never thought that I would meet so many kind and inspiring people this way, on and off screen. Now that two years has raced by, I am getting real exited about what is ahead. It has been and still is a learn as you go experience for me, starting out I wasn't sure exactly where I was headed, but it has somehow evolved and picked up pace until the point that it is all I want to do.

You are a big part of that. Even when you don't comment (and I love it when you do), you are still around, the house is never empty and that means a lot. Ah, life is funny. Just when you think it sucks, the sun comes out, the blog turns two and you want to throw around bear hugs like there is no tomorrow.

Happy Bear Hug Day to everyone!


  1. Til lykke!!! This is one of my favorite top 10 blogs! Love it! <3

  2. "Classic Copenhagen turns two"

    Ha, ha - at first I thought this is some poetic way of saying you are pregnant:)) But the I realized what you mean. I'm happy to find your blog, I like your vibe. Keep going.

  3. ♥ Congrats on the 2 years! ♥
    And thanks for your quality blog, both words and photos are always a treat!

    from a regular reader :)

  4. Tillykke. Håber, du fortsætter til evig tid.

  5. Hurra Sandra!
    Tillykke med blog-fødselsdagen ønskes du af en trofast læser :-)

  6. Tillykke Sandra! May there be many, many more!

  7. Har næsten først lige opdaget din blog. - Men den er fin! Glæder mig til meget mere Copenhagen... Som jeg er i gang med at opdage som nyflytter, vældig vældig hyggeligt!

  8. Hurraaa everybody, you are so sweet, thank you for the birthday wishes (it feels like it's my own birthday, only better, haha). Mange tak for de søde ord. :-)

  9. Bravo Høj. Thought you guys were much older.

  10. Oh Wow bon anniversaire to Classic Copenhagen, nice job Sandra!!!!

  11. And happy bear hug day to you too,Sandra.Your blog,typifies(to me)everything that is good and wonderful about the interwebs.As a modern armchair traveller I feel if I ever return to Demark, I already have the inside scoop on CPH. Your musings and images are so unique,you really should be the official champion of all things cultural in Copenhagen.



    PS and thanks for the Movember reminder.I'm thinking John Waters style pencil thin moustache!

  12. Hi Ian,
    I am so happy that you are still enjoying the Copenhagen updates. And there is so much to see here, everywhere I look something is begging for airtime.

    When it comes to facial hair, I immediately think Thomas Magnum, aka. Tom Selleck with the crazy big moustache, haha.


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