13 November 2011

Hygge and heart

During the last couple of years the public space of Copenhagen has been democratized. It is somehow no longer considered solely a place for advertisers and pre-approved projects, but ours to inhabit and care for. This liberation owes a lot to street art, changing our perceptions of public space, and showing us that we too can have a say. It is still only in the early stages, but it is spreading like wildfire, leaving a trace of poetry, art, political statements, public furniture and guerrilla gardens. I found this strapped to the Metro construction site fence on Town Hall Square:

Democracy Has Room For Us All

Demokratiet har plads til os alle / Democracy has room for us all

From the attached note: This project came about as a response to the act of terror in Norway...  ...Democracy and the democratic process are not bound by a particular colour of skin, a particular geographical origin or a particular belief system, or none as the case may be. Democracy simply consists of people, including the ones we do not agree with or don't like. "Democracy Has Room For Us All" are words translated into something as simple as yarn and human hands.

Scrabble E

Fried democratic egg

Democracy Has Room For Us All

Crochet handshake

Democracy Has Room For Us All

The perfect combination of hygge and heart, this is Denmark at its best.


  1. There's "Yawn art" and there's "Yarn art", and this one falls into the last category in my book! Colorful and with an important statement.
    Just imagine the hours of work put into making this!
    I heard on the radio that the Norweigian mass murderer will be confronted with the families and survivors from Utöya today. A part of me wishes for a parent of a victim to bring a weapon and finish him off like the dog he is, but that would just be to sink to his level. The biggest part of me wants him to rot in jail for the rest of his life, perhaps to be let out of jail as an old man, only to be greeted by the condemnation and loathing of the outside world...Yeah that's better.
    Got sidetracked there, but you get my drift :)
    Excellent street art piece. Who made it?

  2. Hi Drumstick, yes this is a super cool piece. It is by a group of women meeting up on facebook to make a statement. A way of dealing with their grief, as I understand it. I really like that "regular" people also have taken the streets, that's what makes it so democratic.

    On the offender, I understand your feelings, but in his sorry case it is extra important that he be punished by the system that he tried to destroy. Hopefully he will never be released into society again. (But I can relate to street justice, when it comes to "Amagermanden" all I want is to see him thrown into a wood chipper.)

  3. Hi Sandra! My #1 question for you is: How on earth do you regularly find such cool things/events/places/painting/random art/scenery? You seem to be a magnet!

  4. PS: the "best" thing that I ever captured on film during my time in CPH was the dog poop with the little Danish flag stuck in it :(

  5. Hi Celena,
    My recipe for finding stuff is to stay hungry, I have an insatiable appetite, haha. It is so good to know that there are people out there who appreciate it as much as me, it keeps me fuelled.

    And... tomorrow it is the big two year anniversary for Classic Copenhagen! How crazy is that? :-)

  6. Hi Sandra!
    -Congratulations on the 2 years of Classic Copenhagen!
    I hope to enjoy your blog in many years to come :)

  7. Thank you very much, Drumstick! I hope you will enjoy it too. :-)


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