09 November 2011

A roof party

Just because you don't have kids doesn't mean you can't be moved by a good playground. Every penny spent on children's wellbeing is a good investment in my book, and this one is crazy good. I stopped by the park Fælledparken last week to get my shots, and a few parents and children had already jumped the fence to check it out. The grand opening was today, so they may have added a few things since last week, but I really can't imagine anything topping this:

Tårnlegepladsen / The Tower Playground

Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Copenhagen Stock Exhange (or as we call it: Børsen)
City roof

Marble Church dome

Famous dome of Marmorkirken, the Marble Church. The tall building in the back is Rigshospitalet (also known as the place I was born, or Riget/The Kingdom), with the helicopter landing pad.

City Hall and Round Tower slide

City Hall and the Round Tower slide.

This is quality stuff, a sign of respect. I have a hug for whomever built this, come and get it!


Our Savior's Church/Vor Frelsers Kirke, with spiralled tower and ultra narrow stairs. Just like the real thing.

The Round Tower

Skyline on the playground

I know, this one is picture heavy, just one more:

City Hall

Let the roof party begin!

Practical stuff:

There is a manned building (actual size, haha) open from 10-15.30. In the summer months from April to October you can borrow toys, and outside the building there are tables, benches and a barbecue grill. Bathrooms (including handicap friendly ones) are open from 9-17, and the address is Frederik V's Vej 4. Here's a map:

Vis stort kort


  1. That is SOOOOO amazing!!! I'm excited just looking at it!!! I now wish I was a kid, jumping from roof to roof... enjoying the view from the top of the Round Tower... changing the time on the City Hall's clock... :D These pictures made my day!

  2. Ahh Xuriguera, super cosy! I want to play there too, it must be the most empowering feeling in the world to a child. And you are right: the City Hall clock can be changed from the inside by turning a knob. Utter coolness. :-)

  3. Do they care? They were almost wetting themselves to climb every roof and tower first. Huge success.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea that my old hood had fostered such a cool playground! Must take my 3 year old VERY SOON!

  5. You lucky woman, you get to be the supermom who showed him this. I think of this area as part of Nørrebro (as in my hood), but the address says Østerbro, ah. I'll just pretend it's mine then.

  6. I remember you were born there, because of the Lars Von Trier's TV series that made a strong impression on me.... Spooky.
    We haven't explored playgrounds in Paris, I know one that is gigantic, but not as cute and neat as this one :)

  7. I just hope it will be allowed to stay like this.. It should be one of the off limits zones for vandalism. Fingers crossed.

  8. Really fab pix... Will be heading over with all three kids this afternoon. We've watched them finish the playground with excitement for months (-:

  9. Hi Ole, it is a crazy nice place, and half of the fun is watching the kids get exited about it. If that day was any indication, it is going to be a huge hit.

  10. Love the playground, I think this is one of the best they have done. www.monstrum.dk

  11. Ah! Perfect, thank you so much for that link, I didn't know they were also the ones behind the crashed plane playground, I love it.

  12. The color of the Marble Church's roof reminds me of the roof of the Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church. It's the only roof I've seen that has a blue-green-like color.

    1. You mean the copper roofs? It is my favorite color of the Copenhagen skyline.

    2. I noticed that too, Rolf. Blue green is a good color combination, actually. Blue symbolizes freedom/peace while green represents life, nature and well being. :) By the way, the Copenhagen skyline is a beautiful view, Sandra.

    3. I agree. My favorite spot is the one by the inner city lakes. :-)


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