06 November 2011

A to Oooh

With the weather changing indoor flea markets are back, and they are more popular than ever. Being broke is not just for students anymore, the recession has changed our spending habits in a big way. But even if the economy were to correct itself overnight, we are in a new place, and I doubt that we will be returning to overconsumption anytime soon. Recycling is fun and everyone can play, it just makes sense.

Yesterday I stopped by two flea markets. One with a ton of children's stuff (so boring), followed by one that blew my mind. It was a rare evening event (we need more of those!), taking the flea experience to the next level with a cosy DJ and crazy good food. And a few other things that really rocked: there were no entrance fee (some charge you as much as 35 crowns, so rude), the sellers were all private and the customers were cool. It sort of felt like a trip to another country.

There are not a lot of photographic evidence from the inside because my hands were too busy stocking my wardrobe, but I found lots of good stuff getting there. I don't subscribe to the "A to B-ism" of transport, if you make it all about the destination you miss the journey. And everyone knows that after A comes Ooooh:

"Tanzania" by H.B. Mruta 1991

"Tanzania" by H.B. Mruta

Don't let your jaw hit the floor on its way down, haha. I am in love with this mural.



People on Vesterbro are much better than on Nørrebro at claiming the streets. This spot had two colorful wooden benches and a small urban garden in old milk containers, properly chained of course.


At the flea market entrance, with the street name painted on just in case: Enghavevej.

The fleas masterminded by the bar "Mesteren og Lærlingen", at KBH Volume.

And this is how you spell "hygge".

This... I can't begin to tell you how yummy it was. When you go to the fleas some other places they mock your stomac lining with disgusting and overly expensive sandwiches made from soggy white bread. This meal is the best surprise I have had in a long time: mashed potatoes with a stew, pickled cucumber (still crunchy, like classic Danish cucumber salad but in chuncks mmmm), marinated fruit (how kinky is that?) and lots of fresh herbs on top. So. Good.

Giv dig tid / take your time

Giv dig tid / Take your time Wisdom and a kiss on a classic cross-stitched traffic pillow.

I am a sucker for a happy ending.


  1. Øv mand, det er jeg ked af at jeg missede. Ved du om det er noget der vender tilbage?

  2. Jeg spurgte en af sælgerne, og hun sagde at der var en omgang mere i December, men jeg kunne ikke finde datoen på deres facebook side, så jeg er ikke sikker. Den der hører om det næste først siger det til den anden, ikke?

  3. I hope that you bought that pillow!

  4. Haha, I didn't. You can't have everything :-)

  5. Love the brombær (sorry, but brombær is just a cooler word than black berry) and green-yellow-blue light bulbs. Smukt.

  6. The brombær was the best, juicy thing.

  7. Ah good to have you back! Yes the lack of light is brutal (here... I can't imagine up north) and we need more murals like this one. Love it! I'm proud to say I haven't bought a single piece of clothing in months. Really moving from a big apartment to a small one made me realize how little I need to feel at home. An I still have too much!

  8. Ah, you noticed the long break.. I try to only take up your time when I have something to share. But sometimes that turns into an unproductive break. Next post will come faster. :-)

    (Oh, and small apartments are pretty cool, allowing you to keep only the very best.)

  9. Lovely as always. There are a few blogs I always leave "unread" in my reader until I have time to properly sit and read through them, and this is one of them :) There's always something interesting to discover here.

    I don't think we really even have flea markets here, or if we do, they are usually a few people with tables set up in the gigantic parking lot of some Walmart or Supermarket or something, selling things that they (understandably) don't want anymore. If you asked about food, they would point at the McDonalds in the other corner of the parking lot :)

    That Tanzania mural is amazing. I'm finding I really love those full-wall murals on the tall, rectangular buildings with the pointy roofs that you have in Copenhagen. It makes a perfect canvas!

  10. So hyggeligt! It is funny with the flea markets, how you get different things in different neighbourhoods, cities and countries. For clothes nothing beats New York, and for industrial yum the French and the Belgians are the best. Buttons and beads in Paris, yumyumyum. We have really boring flea markets here too, this one was special in every way.

    And the Tanzania mural is fantastic, I wish I could spend every hour of every day just looking for more Copenhagen gold. It's all I want to do.

  11. Oh, also wanted to say - I agree with your assessment of the A to B-ism. I mean, I think people really do choose the means to go places that is the most enjoyable, but everyone's definition of "most enjoyable" is different - for some it's the quickest, for some it's the easiest, for some it's the quietest, for some the most beautiful. And one of the biggest things I love about my bike is that it takes me places I wouldn't/couldn't go on foot, but also allows me to see everything I pass, and to stop and really look, if I want - unlike an automobile.

    That's the really unfortunate thing about using automobiles all the time, is that it really becomes all about the start and the destination places, and what's in-between becomes irrelevant, because you are removed from it. This is why the little details of our cities start to disappear, because fewer and fewer people are there to see them. That's why I think it's critical for the lives of our cities to get people out of automobiles as much as possible, because otherwise our cities become nothing more than roads and traffic signals and parking lots.

    I'm glad I live in a place where there are still a lot of people around to appreciate the small details :)

  12. I am with you on all of this. And I do think we would do a lot better without this many cars in densely populated areas. Ideally people would park outside the city, if they don't live here, and use public transport or a bike for the rest of the way. And same goes for the grotesque number of trucks, causing fatalities and wearing the roads down. Someone once suggested repacking the trucks outside the city, into smaller and electric cars. Fewer people would die from pollution and in traffic that way. It is worth looking into.

  13. One of the biggest reasons given here for expansion of roads is that freight trucks get stuck in all the traffic - because something like 80% of trips are in single-occupancy cars. And half of those trips are 3-4 kilometers or less. We simply don't have space to keep up the trends we follow right now. We will have to stop driving as much, or else start tearing down more of our city to make room for more cars, one or the other.

    I think the idea of freight staying largely outside the city, and goods being brought into the city by cleaner, less-destructive means could be a really good idea. I also think routing major freeways outside the urban boundary, and then having exits which bring you into the city on normal city roads would be a much better idea than having freeways cut right through the middle of cities.

    There were plans to cut up Portland into a crazy mass of freeways in the 1950's and 1960's, and thankfully most of them were cancelled (in one case, so late in the process that there is still an unfinished off-ramp from a bridge that goes nowhere, which was meant to connect to one of the freeways) - I think that saved our city from a much different fate. I often say, the biggest thing Portland has done to make the city livable is to have not done anything :)


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