15 December 2011

Field time

If I was confined to an office chair five days a week, I would wither and die. My best ideas always come when I am playing, and inspiration appears only when I charge my batteries properly. What to outsiders look like aimless drifting is what I call field time. I love my field time:

Art of bust

Swiss Bustart.

Giant owl


C215. The technique of this guy..

C215 up close

C215 in a recent interview. Good stuff.

This reminds me of Dain, perhaps the worlds oldest living street artist, what I would not give to see one of his pieces live. Ah, New York... hungry eye wants more.

Right next to the aboriginals was a wall dedicated to the memory of the legendary Rammellzee, American street artist and hip hop pioneer working his magic in full costume.

The evo griller 1960-2010.

   Style Wars OST Beat Bop Rammelzee vs. K-Rob

And from the garage on Spuistraat, every time I go, a new spot is revealed. If I could only make the parked metal disappear for five minutes, so I could show you the whole thing in one big bite. Crazy yum. Crazy, I tell you.

With the tounge continuing all the way out on the floor, licking the underbelly of a huge black van.

Link fest:
A collection of C215 on Flickr
Rammellzee on the blogs here and here.
Calligraffiti (Rammellzee memorial mural)

Crazy love!


  1. I love the fruits of your field time.

  2. Hi Mook, I am really happy that you liked it too. And thank you for breaking the silence :-)

  3. I'm happy for your "field time" as well - I wish I had more, myself :)

    That is a great interview with C215, and I see a lot of common themes pop up with him that I've seen from other artists as well, in terms of turning your culture on your head, making people think about your art by not explaining it word for word, and obscuring yourself a bit behind a persona or myth or whatever.

    Liebe, indeed :)

  4. Discovering really good pieces make me feel so privileged, and now that I am learning more about the people behind it, and their body of work, it is like a whole new dimension is added. Some of these guys travel all over the world to share their art, I can't think of anything more generous than that.

    For the next chapter of my life (starting right about now) I could easily see myself traveling the world and documenting their work. I wonder if this is where things are going..

  5. Best blog post this year, in my opinion ! :D

    The best part was of course all your great pictures. Secondly was the two street artists Dain and Rammellzee, whom I didn't know of before (I say with blushing cheeks)! -Been browsing online and learned a lot more about them. Amazing work of both - too bad Rammellzee is no longer among us, he seemed like a true pioneer.
    I also quite like Artbust (although not as original as the two beforementioned), and C215 is the best catholic street artist in the world, no doubt about that!

    Thanks again for your field work Sandra!

  6. Ah, thank you Drumstick, it is good to hear. Discovering Dain was pretty big to me as well. And Rammellzee. Crazy inspiring characters both. Did you see pictures from C215s latest show "smoke gets in your eyes"? He used found objects as a canvas, it is crazy yum. One of the pieces was the blue "Jon smoking" double shot I found in Amsterdam the last time. And as an added bonus Jon himself found it on flickr and trew some love at it. I love it when things come full circle like that. :-)


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