24 December 2011

Happy holidays

This could have been the jule post to end all jule posts. Instead I am busy running victory laps around the block, celebrating my first blues free month of December... ever. This year I have taken a different approach, not dwelling on anything jule related. It is like I have been living in a parallel world, observing the Martians as they have acted out their rituals, and not participating in any way. Maybe it is that. Or maybe it is because I have taken up exercising, or maybe it is because I quit my job. Whatever it is, it works: it is jul and I am happy. Unbelievable. I wish you all the best and happiest of holidays. Big hugs!


  1. Yeah, if you just relax and worry about your own expectations, rather than the ones Christmas projects, it can actually be pretty fun. I look forward to a new awful restaurant each year, as I try to find something open on the 25th. And if I ever do have a family, I'll get to teach them my traditions, instead of having to use the boring default ones.

    Great picture. I'm glad you're having a good year. Merry Christmas, Sandra!

  2. Hi Thirdrail,
    Yes, the default Christmas traditions have really proven a poor fit. It was only this year that I have come to peace with not having a family of my own to celebrate this time with, once I remembered that back when I did, it sucked too. I hope you find a couple of friendly spots open for business, to eat your way out of the holidays. Extra hugs coming your way!

  3. Sandra,
    I am so with you on this Jule thing. Now just to make through all of the "Best of the Year" lists the everyone is so fond of for New Years. Sending you hugs and kisses.

  4. Hi Mook,
    I will spare you the "best of list", haha. Hugs and kisses right back at you. :D

  5. Just back from a week in my family. I had forgotten how it is... no comment. it was easier from LA ;-)

    you quit your job? I'm tented to say good for you, no?

  6. Hi Carole,
    I agree: long distance relationships can be less exhausting, haha. Yes, I decided enough was enough with sticking to the same thing. I have so many ideas and it is time to try them out, so it is only good news. Next year better watch out, because here I come! :D

  7. Congrats on quitting your job! It can feel so good to break away from monotony that's taken hold and step out into something you're more passionate about.

    Best of luck with your new endeavors and thanks for sharing your amazing photos of Copenhagen. They make me wish I was visiting again soon.


  8. Hi Will,
    Thank you so much. It is very liberating, and scary too, but in a good way. Life is too short to operate in repeat-mode, since I made the decision I have met up with so many inspiring people, and I am now officially hooked on brainstorming.

    I hope you stick around for more Copenhagen posts because I am only getting started here. :-)

  9. We've made a New Year's resolution regarding next Christmas - we're going to stay in town, not visit relatives out of town (my wife's family), go to a midnight mass Christmas Eve (which is not a tradition for us, neither of us grew up Catholic or Orthodox), and then go out for Dim Sum on Christmas day, and spend it with some friends in town who usually do the same thing.

    I'm looking forward to that, as renting a car just to drive 2 hours to go spend Christmas day with my wife's family, who inevitably ruin her day completely, is just not worth all the trouble. Time for a change!

    Glad this year was a revelation for you! I hope it continues to be this way!

    Warmest and driest wishes from cold, rainy Portland :) Looking forward to what this year brings for you personally, and on this blog. Cheers, hugs, and a little dance :)

  10. Hi Dave,
    What a great idea! I have noticed there is a lot of manipulation going on these days, guilt trips and too many people going against their instincts to please others. I remember the last Christmas eve I spent with my grandfather after my grandmother passed, suffering the company of the remainder of our dysfunctional family, it was an utter nightmare. I got stuck in the suburbs overnight and cried the whole way home in the train the next day. Later I talked with my grandfather, and it turned out that he was only there to please us. And we were only there to please him. We (he and I) agreed this would be the last time we made that mistake.

    If people love you, they will accept your choice to spend your time as you please. If they don’t, well.. what is the loss? I predict this plan of yours will be a great success, and I feel releived on behalf of your wife already, haha.

    Big bearhugs and a happy new year to you both from a grey but beautiful Copenhagen. :-)

  11. I skipped christmas for the first time this year, and wow, what a relief (!)
    Instead I contacted a friend, who was also "stranded" in Copenhagen, and we got some 38% Gammel Dansk ("Old Danish", a bitter made here in DK) and went out and put up some of my street art stuff.
    Good times - and maybe something to repeat -who knows?

    Brave of you to quit your job, Sandra! What was the job and do you have something else up your sleeve? :)

  12. Hi Drumstick,
    It's funny, I hear more and more of these stories, of people breaking free of traditions and making their own. Apparently it is not just me. I think that a lot of our ways and traditions will undergo re-evaluation in the future, so healthy!

    This will also be the first new year's eve I have not been dreading for as long as I can remember. I like the idea of leaving 2011 behind with a smile. :-)


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