07 December 2011

That's a wrap

For early December, not clinging to the edge of the cliff is progress. So far, jul and I have found a way to co-exist. I know it is still early, but I can't help but hope that I have somehow evolved and that the war is over. Also there is less bling, less jingle bells and less general hysteria this time around. Maybe it helps in a small way that recession has put a muffle on consumption. Overspending is over, and for all I care it can stay that way. I am not missing what we call "the gift race" either, but I do love a nice surprise and good packaging. This house totally made my day:

Classy Copenhagen construction workers at it again. Wrapping the small towers in a protective green copper colored cloth, how brilliant is this? 

So crazy cool!


  1. Hehe * Very cool Sandra - It looks like sitting statues, which may be what caught your attention?
    Must have been quite a task to wrap them up on a rooftop - and not without danger...!

  2. Everything about it caught my attention. I can't even explain what makes me love it so much. I just do. :-)

  3. Why did they do it ? Because of work or is it some happening. I love it, little Christo touch but not tacky. I can't avoid Xmas presents this year but I'm trying to wrap them intelligently. All this wrapping paper is driving me crazy....

  4. Hi Carole, they are doing construction on part of the building, as far as I can tell, I think it it just a protective measure. :-)

  5. What I really wish for,is that when they remove that beautiful wrapping,Bert will have weaved his magic!

  6. Hi Ian, yes, what has become of Bert, is he hibernating? Paging Bert! :D


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