25 December 2011

With love from Copenhagen

Today I was taking my bike for a spin, and as darkness set in all of a sudden light popped up everywhere. In one spot entire facades were lit up in bright colors.

Lit up from below. It could be a temporary installation, a cool safety measure or maybe advertising for the paint company nearby. It doesn't even matter, I just love it. See the slice of orange on the other side..

And further down the road the railway underpass in a pretty dress. That I am pretty sure is a safety thing, making it less creepy to pass by foot or bike. But still insanely cool.

Chauffeurs Union showering the entire block in a red light. I wonder if it bothers the neighbors?

Red asphalt. Crazy. Romantic.

Copenhagen loves me.


  1. That place is a beaut'...



  2. Ja! Hyggeligt. Nu blev jeg også suget ind på din google+? Skal vi lege cirkelleg? Det her sociale edderkoppespind er jo uendeligt, haha.

  3. How beautiful, sometimes in cities all is so grey in the winter. But now the days are getting longer, yay!

  4. Hahaha, ja lad os det! Hvordan gør man? :)

  5. Ah, er ikke sikker (har stadig ikke helt set lyset i g+ men det kan være at det kommer), hedder Sandra Hoj derinde, måske det her link duer: Sandra Hoj. Ellers må jeg ind og hægte mig på dig. :-)

  6. Det virkede! Hej! :)


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