25 January 2012

A house of mirrors

It turns out that Tårnlegepladsen the Tower Playground in Fælledparken, with the mini skyline of Copenhagen, is only part of a major "park lift", with all kinds of projects in the works. You wouldn't think that this playground could get any better, but they found a way to top it: both ends of the big black house on the side (the only one in actual size) have been fully covered in slightly curved mirrors. 

Tårnlegepladsen Copenhagen

Riget/The Kingdom.

During special hours, when they know for a fact that I am not around, the hidden doors on the side open to reveal some seriously warped mirrors. Amazingly we are still not at the point where they alert Classic Copenhagen when introducing crazy goodness like this.

Mirror polished stainless steel.

A two-in-one shot of Fælledparken, the least pretentious park in Copenhagen, where people go to walk the dog, run, play sports, hang out and barbecue in the summertime. I wonder if it will stay mellow after the big makeover? I would like to think that one doesn't rule out the other.

So good. And from what I hear, they are only just getting started...



  1. Lovely photos as usual. I want to return CPH and see this park!

    1. Thank you Evan, and yes you must see Fælledparken next time you visit, by then there will be even more yum. Tomorrow they place a big pre-build bridge, by crane. I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

  2. Funny how I read about this a few days ago, and though hmmm, this is something for Sandra :)

    1. I know! And despite the fact that it is only a five minute bikeride away from me (but not a place I usually go), I still have to read about it in an international design magazine. Nobody talks about it here, at least not loud enough for me to have heard about it. I look forward to see it in the summertime (and I look forward to summer). :-)


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