04 January 2012

Old school

If the global financial meltdown is good for anything (other than the change we all long for, of course), it is how it has put a halt to real estate speculation, and bland "urban lifts". The places the sharks go for are the ones they can buy cheap, evicting the original inhabitants, and re-sell to a brand new and wealthier group of people. Enter a sea of beige and fancy overpriced juice bars, I call it the new ugly.

Over the last ten to fifteen years Copenhagen has lost so many special places, the old school Copenhagen, gritty and authentic. A city needs those places to be complete, not everything can or even should be regulated. And the scary part is that once they are gone, that's it, there is no "reinstall". Money can't buy this:

Auto special

Painted glass, mmmm.

Blue shoe

All this in one place..


...it is almost too good.

F for fred (the peace street car)

F for fred. The peace line.

For fred / For peace

For fred. For peace.

I feel it.


  1. hov, jeg kom lige til at læse det som "FOR FED".. ;). Fine billeder!

  2. Haha, men det er jo også det den er. Tak for ros. :D

  3. Absolutely, same in Paris, and any big city I guess. Not only the old school, but also the cultural is being replaced. In Toulouse in France, the oldest and for a long time biggest book store is going to be replaced by... a mobile phone store! the 10000th one in this city that counts already too few book stores. And on beautiful historic place. And talk about the population, no more mixing people. :((

  4. Hi Carole,
    Another mobile phone store, really? That is exactly what I am talking about, absolute hell. The diversity of the urban landscape should be recognised and protected just like an endangered species. We need different inputs in life to function properly. What is the next generation to do?

    I think we had this discussion before, but it should be repeated every once in a while. :-)

  5. wow din nye header!!! super-cool, absolut clasic copenhagen<3
    kh muttilove

  6. Tak muttilove! Jeg er også selv svært lun på den :-)

  7. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  8. Hi Heather, my email address is under "Contact", right above the header. But I have heard from others that they missed it too, so now I added it to the sidebar as well. And now here: sandrahoj@gmail.com


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