24 January 2012

Winter whine

I conveniently forgot what a cold-hearted beast January can be. Oh, man. Something happens this time a year that somehow seems to affect everyone. Grumpy frozen faces everywhere you look, including the mirror. It is not good. But, insufferable as they may be, at least the days are getting longer again, the light is slowly returning. You gotta look at the bright side, right?

Look how big they got. By the way, I may have solved the mystery of four swans becoming six. You probably figured it out already: there are two couples, one have four, the other have six. They made it so just to mess with my mind. Well played, swans.

Maniac seagulls, creeping me out.

One day they will invent the water bike. This was not that day.

Super dog

The dogs of the homeless are cared for better than most. They are usually well-fed, loved and never left home alone in an apartment with a full bladder and nothing to do. This guy is selling the paper "Hus Forbi", about and for the homeless, earning a part of the proceeds of every paper sold.

Citroën 2CV

Car lurking is really a pedestrian pleasure, if I had been on my bike I would surely have missed it. The ultimate spin on the classic traffic pillow: the matching car portrait pillow. It is almost enough to make you forget it is January.

Hus Forbi (in Danish only)


  1. Portland has a similar newspaper - Street Roots (http://streetroots.org/). Though I don't remember ever seeing them delivered by bicycle, I have seen some of the people who sell them with dogs, and they do usually look quite happy. I suppose, as with many other creatures (humans included), they are happier to be with someone, even if the circumstances are more difficult, than to be comfortable, but be left alone much of the time.

    One thing I've still never seen here is a bicycle that has been pulled up out of the water. Of course, I don't think they go dredging the river all that often, and there probably aren't more than a half dozen in there anyway.

    We do have plenty of maniac seagulls - I like to scatter them on my bike when they hang out in packs by the river :)

    1. I have noticed a few homeless people recently with cargo bikes, I think they are given to them by the city. At least they can bring their belongings around with them, and they give them some shelter at night. I may ask the next time I see one of the locals, if I dare.

      The lakes are cleaned up once in a while, people throw in all kinds of crap, and the water is shallow enough that you can see everything. What kind of person throws in a bike anyway? So stupid.

      (Next time you scatter seagulls, you should try and take a picture of it from the bike..)

    2. Yeah, I need to start carrying my little point-and-shoot digital camera again - mostly I've just been carrying one of my film cameras, and it's a bit harder to get decent pictures with those with one hand, while moving, especially if I have to adjust focus, and if it's dark or cloudy out :) But I've often thought that I would like to get a photo of that. Consider this a commitment :)

    3. Yes the point-and-shooters are perfect for fleeting moments, especially on the bike. I look forward to the scatter shot. :D


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