13 January 2012

Wishful knitting

In the middle of a massive construction bonanza on Sankt Hans Square (heat, this time), our yarn bombing trooper Blød Lykke (Soft Happiness) have comforted a lonely tree. Judging from the embroidered wish list, I date it a mid to late December piece, making this a huge oversight on my part. I must have passed it on several occasions, but this was the first time I noticed it. I tell you what it is: the construction mess have a blinding effect on me. Looking at something ugly is like having your eyeballs sanded, almost physically painful. With the overwhelming amount of construction work in Copenhagen, I have learned to block it out. At the apparent cost of missing the very highlights I live for:

Copenhagen yarn bombing

Two hearts

Blød Lykkes ønskeliste / The wish list

Wish list of Soft Happiness. Love for all. Snow + beautiful winter weather. Kisses + hugs, yes please.


The effort put into this... that's love.

Knit bombing in Copenhagen

And the double take:

Pip / Tweet


That should keep you warm until spring?


  1. That is so totally and absolutely awesome!

    1. Totally! Oh, and look what blogger came up with: the reply option, so we don't have to scroll to have a conversation. :D

    2. Love it! The blogger option, the comment which I agree with and the tree! Wow!

  2. Sandra, this was part of the StreeTheArt yearly Gadehjertejulekalendaren. See here http://www.streetheart.dk/pictureview.php?albumid=59&photoid=38 nd have a look at all the other pieces! Altough this one is by far the most awesome one :)

    1. Aaaarrh, I can't believe it, it's from early December? My vision must have been seriously impaired by overexposure to ugliness, dammit. I can only hope the damage is not permanent. And thank you for the link. :-)

    2. I can confirm what juicebox says, as I was a part of streetheart.dk's xmas calendar for the third time in 2011.
      I made the 'låge' for december 7th:
      I also like Blød Lykke's contribution, especially the little 'pip' birds :)
      Nice shots!

    3. Because I made the conscious choice not to dwell on any jule/Christmas related stuff, there was not as much as a single calendar for me. Now, on the other side of all that, it is just a pleasant street art surprise.

  3. Hvor er det fint! Det har jeg slet slet heller ikke lagt mærke til. Jeg må ud og gå med mit kamera snart ;)

    1. Det er jeg glad for at høre, det var nær ubærligt at føle sig som den eneste der havde overset den fest.


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