25 February 2012

Poster pimping

A week before the recently concluded Copenhagen Fashion Festival, I let out a sigh on Twitter:

When it comes to fashion, I am torn. I love it. I hate it. I love the creative and playful part, where new ideas are born, and the party is on. I cannot stand the part of Danish fashion that excludes people, the humorless, fear-ridden circus, run by a self appointed "fashion royalty", calling all the shots. It suffocates me. Every season it is the same show, in the same venues for the same people. Fashion is supposed to be about change. Where is the revolution?

Within minutes of my tweet, her coolness Tambourine Sam returned with a: "we could do our own thing?". Yes! Something. Anything. What could be done on short notice with what we had lying around? This is what we came up with:

Cover mom

Cover kid


I doubt it anyone noticed, but it was never about that, throwing in a little humor was just liberating. Fashion should be fun.

And then, just the other day, I spotted this:

Poster pimping

Poster pimping is so the new black!

23 February 2012

I'm back

This is my first day out of my deathbed, and I have been taking it nice and easy. The one thing I had to do today, I forgot, and all the fantastic non-events of the day was just like a welcome back present from life. First off, I can't believe this:

Can it be?

What? In my own backyard...

Copenhagen, February 23

...along with this:

And it turns out that the noise down the street, that I have willfully ignored all day, was the clearing out of a huge shared attic space. The gathering, growing, grasping crowd was my first clue when I finally hit the street level, and I was told I missed a ton of wooden beer crates. Ah. But I still got a really cool mirror, some clothes and the priceless thrill of the hunt.

Zebra News

Zebra News.

After dragging my loot home, I went to see if the city was still in its place. The centre is under construction everywhere, on the pedestrian street they are still busy doing the pavement, and behind it they are building a playground out of what looks like pistachio and chocolate:

Pistacio with chocolate

Right before I took this picture, I was reminding myself of the one thing I had to do today:

And right after I took it, I forgot it again.

When I turned the corner on my own street, all that was left of the big attic party was this:

Mini drama

A mini drama.

I'm back!


21 February 2012

Goosebump goodness

For some reason I keep coming back to the abandoned candy factory on Glentevej in the Northwest quarter. There is an irony in the fact that if it was still in use, I would find it less welcoming, but as it is, I clearly see my invitation written all over it. Even if I need to jump a fence to get there. The feeling of this place is a little bit like leaving a couple of radios on, set on different stations and just letting the noises blend. An angry, beautiful and inspiring mess, with all that raw energy still radiating from it.



Stained wood

Stained wood, I have a strong feeling we are in for a lot of that next.

Green vs. orange

And colors, loud and happy. Vitamins for the eyes.


Mmm painted glass

Painted glass, goosebump good.


A dirty-green picket fence waiting to happen. Totally dying to find out what that is about, of course.

If that is not an invitation to enter, I don't know what is?

17 February 2012

Eye candy

The weather pretty much dictates the quality of our lives in this part of the world. All we can do is adapt, and try to make the best of what is handed to us. Playing on the icy lakes was fun for all of five minutes, but after days of rain, the city has revoked the access. Fortunately you still have part two of that beautiful day coming, from the winter wonderland that was Copenhagen before I was tackled by the evil flu (and still am, dammit).

Dog shoes! The salty conditions are murder on dog paws, this is brilliant. Not necessarily pretty, but that should not be the highest priority when it comes to your well-being. Or your dogs.

Queen Louises Bridge, waterside

How sweet is this, turning the snowman towards the road, to greet passers-by? Cool in every sense of the word. Between all this and the 1930s stairway show, I really didn't expect any more. Then I spotted this:

Eye candy

Eye candy. I have been wondering what happened to all the Copenhagen street art, I hardly see any these days. Maybe displaying in the streets got too mainstream for the wild ones? Some of those who once embellished our streets have moved on to the galleries, the Basco5 show Unlovable opens at Helvetikat today, and Armsrock is showing in Århus. I have a good tip on a piece of Bert I need to investigate, but that is it, so this piece of eye candy was just what I needed.

Maybe I need to be the change I want?

As soon as I get back to life...

15 February 2012

Unscheduled break

Okay, this was not how I planned it. I promised you the second half of yesterday's Copenhagen goodness, but now I have come down with the flu or something, so it will have to wait. Uuuuugh.

Sneeze season

Back soon.

14 February 2012

Stair struck

Sometimes I wonder if I will eventually run out of things to photograph in Copenhagen. I typically get these thoughts during the winter months, where everything is white on white. When the camera refuse to work (even though I now carry it near my body, like a baby kangaroo), and when it is too wet or dark to bring out. But it is almost like Copenhagen knows when I need a boost, and when I hit an all time low (like today), it always finds a way to bring me comfort and pick me up.

This building, Hans Nansens Gaard in Gyldenløvesgade, is from the 1930s, and until recently it was the headquarters of the Danish tax office, earning the nickname the Tax Mansion. A lot of it has undergone reconstruction, but they thankfully left the original spiralled staircase and hallway untouched.

I got seriously stair struck!

It felt wrong to enter the modernized offices (where serious matters are handled), except for sneaking a quick shot of the crazy dotty acoustic ceiling:

Acoustic ceilings

The Stratopanel from Danoline.

Behold the floor show...

...it extends seamlessly all the way out on the street.

Is there anything yummier than wet tiles?

I think not.

And just when you thought you had seen it all: the customized mailbox.


With a greeting from Littlebrother.

Copenhagen just kept it coming today, I need to spread it out on one more post, so you don't sufforcate.

See you tomorrow?

12 February 2012

Silent Sunday


Låse / Locks

Leo et Pipo goes to church in Copenhagen