17 February 2012

Eye candy

The weather pretty much dictates the quality of our lives in this part of the world. All we can do is adapt, and try to make the best of what is handed to us. Playing on the icy lakes was fun for all of five minutes, but after days of rain, the city has revoked the access. Fortunately you still have part two of that beautiful day coming, from the winter wonderland that was Copenhagen before I was tackled by the evil flu (and still am, dammit).

Dog shoes! The salty conditions are murder on dog paws, this is brilliant. Not necessarily pretty, but that should not be the highest priority when it comes to your well-being. Or your dogs.

Queen Louises Bridge, waterside

How sweet is this, turning the snowman towards the road, to greet passers-by? Cool in every sense of the word. Between all this and the 1930s stairway show, I really didn't expect any more. Then I spotted this:

Eye candy

Eye candy. I have been wondering what happened to all the Copenhagen street art, I hardly see any these days. Maybe displaying in the streets got too mainstream for the wild ones? Some of those who once embellished our streets have moved on to the galleries, the Basco5 show Unlovable opens at Helvetikat today, and Armsrock is showing in Århus. I have a good tip on a piece of Bert I need to investigate, but that is it, so this piece of eye candy was just what I needed.

Maybe I need to be the change I want?

As soon as I get back to life...


  1. So cool,
    I find that Winter is numbing me so I don't do much, and feel lazy. I eat too much probably too... Even without being sick. So this is so cool.

    1. It is kind of numbing. I miss color, and I still think about the lilacs from last spring, I can't wait for them to return.. Sun, color, energy, drinking coffee by the lake, wearing thin layers of clothing, open shoes, long days, warm nights. Ah. :-)


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