21 February 2012

Goosebump goodness

For some reason I keep coming back to the abandoned candy factory on Glentevej in the Northwest quarter. There is an irony in the fact that if it was still in use, I would find it less welcoming, but as it is, I clearly see my invitation written all over it. Even if I need to jump a fence to get there. The feeling of this place is a little bit like leaving a couple of radios on, set on different stations and just letting the noises blend. An angry, beautiful and inspiring mess, with all that raw energy still radiating from it.



Stained wood

Stained wood, I have a strong feeling we are in for a lot of that next.

Green vs. orange

And colors, loud and happy. Vitamins for the eyes.


Mmm painted glass

Painted glass, goosebump good.


A dirty-green picket fence waiting to happen. Totally dying to find out what that is about, of course.

If that is not an invitation to enter, I don't know what is?

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