14 February 2012

Stair struck

Sometimes I wonder if I will eventually run out of things to photograph in Copenhagen. I typically get these thoughts during the winter months, where everything is white on white. When the camera refuse to work (even though I now carry it near my body, like a baby kangaroo), and when it is too wet or dark to bring out. But it is almost like Copenhagen knows when I need a boost, and when I hit an all time low (like today), it always finds a way to bring me comfort and pick me up.

This building, Hans Nansens Gaard in Gyldenløvesgade, is from the 1930s, and until recently it was the headquarters of the Danish tax office, earning the nickname the Tax Mansion. A lot of it has undergone reconstruction, but they thankfully left the original spiralled staircase and hallway untouched.

I got seriously stair struck!

It felt wrong to enter the modernized offices (where serious matters are handled), except for sneaking a quick shot of the crazy dotty acoustic ceiling:

Acoustic ceilings

The Stratopanel from Danoline.

Behold the floor show...

...it extends seamlessly all the way out on the street.

Is there anything yummier than wet tiles?

I think not.

And just when you thought you had seen it all: the customized mailbox.


With a greeting from Littlebrother.

Copenhagen just kept it coming today, I need to spread it out on one more post, so you don't sufforcate.

See you tomorrow?


  1. Mmmmmm. I feel like I want to gobble up those cobbles :)

    Beautiful. All of it.

    1. Come to think of it this must have been considered the stairway to hell, since it was build. It deserves this break, I think. And I agree: it is crazy beautiful. :-)

  2. Yes, crazy beautiful...Great shots! Am I correct in thinking the tiles are at the foot of the stairs?

    1. Yes, the tiles are covering the entire ground floor, it is amazing, maybe I should have included more shots.. And then it continues out on the street. I love this level of attention to detail. :-)

  3. Oh, wow! Fantastiske billeder af et fantastisk byggeri.


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