28 March 2012

Paging the nice Danes

The Danes creep me out these days. Not all of them obviously, but once in a while we are confronted with the ugly side, like yesterday, when a psychopath hunter shot and killed his neighbors friendly ten year old dog (a white Lab, so sad), for trespassing. That's not even the worst part. It turns out that the majority of Danes, agreed it was the right thing to do. I know: creeps! I sincerely hope I don't count any of them among my readers!

And then my Saturday, a day that should by all accounts have been a day of celebration (with a guest post on the amazing Brooklyn Street Art blog, and Tejn dropping me the nicest mail you can imagine), ended instead in the outer circle of hell. Stuck watching the clothes at a table seated next to a bunch of lawyers toasting in licorice shots to "fuck the poor". Outer circle of hell!

All remaining nice Danes: please step up and let me know I am not alone. Because it really feels like it right now. Ugh.

Let's fly away

Blød Lykke: Let's fly away.


  1. Exactly how I feel in the U.S. so much of the time, and for many of the same reasons...

    I know there are some wonderful U.S. citizens, I even know some of them, but often I can't help feeling like the country, as a whole, is actually literally the outer circle of hell.

    1. I don't understand their reasoning. This ugly me mentality, and then these lawyers, crapping on the poor, and lots of girls toasting with them!?! I wanted to seal the entire place off, guests and all, and have it shipped to a landfill.

    2. It's amazing how self-centered people can be. In the U.S., it's become the primary goal of life, to be as self-centered as possible, to get as much money and things for yourself as you can, and to deprive others of those things, simply so that you can have them. There is a sense of pride in living this way, and to achieve this means you are successful.

      If you just look at our government, where now the two major political parties are doing absolutely nothing except having fights like 3-year-olds and simply refusing to co-operate for no other reason than that the other party initiated something, even if they agree it's a good thing. Our politicians are still basically in diapers screaming unintelligibly at each other.

      Our presidential candidates are making statements like "I'm not focused on the poor, they have a safety net already." - in a country where more and more people are falling below the poverty line, as a smaller and smaller number of people get extremely wealthy. The poor and the minorities are the only people who end up in prison, they are intentionally placed in ghettos and laws are made to prevent them making their way up in society. There is no health care for those people, it is exorbitantly expensive (if I hadn't had insurance which is mostly paid for by my employer, getting two stitches in my finger would have cost me 5,000 danish kroner, a medical procedure which took the doctor 10 minutes, and for which I sat in the hospital for 3 hours). These people cannot afford decent food either, because the mass-produced, crap food is what is heavily subsidized by the government, and is all people can afford.

      I think we have to completely re-learn how to be a nation again, what it means to be dependent on each other, to care for each other, and to offer each other help and protection. In other words, the entire system needs to be torn down and re-built. I think it is too broken at this point to just repair it bit-by-bit.

    3. Ah it is a big subject. On politics, they (the media) say that the way of campaigning here now takes more after the American way. Throwing mud, and acting like pouting children, going after the person and pointing out the other party's errors (instead of being constructive), and separating everything into "blue" and "red" politics.

      Like it is not about making the country work as a whole, but simply about gaining and retaining power. It makes no sense. But then I never believed in politicians.

  2. Jeg er også på Team Dansker-spat.

    Det er de samme typer der synes det er ok at give urimeligt høje bøder til cyklister, og vel sagtens også de samme der synes det er ok at stikke sin nabo til skatte væsnet eller kommunen hvis de har bare en mistanke om fusk? Ret skal være ret, og så skidevære med fornuft og empati. Ber fordi det er lovligt (og hvorfor er det lige det?) at skyde en fredelig familie hund, et medlem af en familie, betyder det fanme ikke at det er ok at gøre det!

    Jeg tror jeg møder den slags mennesker oftere end de fleste fordi jeg selv har en hund som jeg nogle gange synes skal have lov til at løbe en tur uden snor på. Eller måske er det fordi jeg godt kan finde på at cykle på fortovet når der ikke er nogle fodgængere, eller køre over for rødt midt om natten når der ikke er nogen trafik? Og det faktum at jeg ser lidt atypisk ud hjælper nok heller ikke på det, så jeg bliver stort set dagligt udsat for fremmede der føler at det er deres pligt at opdrage og irettesætte mig. Og nogle dage (som i går og i dag) bliver det bare helt for meget, og man mister troen på sine medmennesker. I hvert fald dem man deler by med.

    Jeg håber sommeren bringer det gode op i folk inden jeg gør alvor af min trussel om at finde et nyt land at kalde hjem!

    1. Det er nemlig præcis de samme typer. Eller også overlapper de bare på den kedeligst tænkelige måde. Forbuds liderlige, uempatiske og selvretfærdige. Og flere og flere af dem.

      Der SKAL være plads til de atypiske (jeg vil endog gå så langt som til at påstå at fremtiden hviler på deres/jeres/vore skuldre), og jeg vil ihvertfald blive ked af det hvis I flyttede fra byen. Det er betryggende at vide at jeg har lidelsesfæller et par gader længere henne.

    2. Speaking of the unusual (sorry to write in English, but google can really only help me go from Danish to English, not the other way around), I often get lectured or reprimanded while riding my bicycle without a helmet, or without reflective clothing, or whatever. Complete strangers feel it's necessary to tell me how irresponsible I am, and because I wrote about my motivations for not wearing a helmet on my blog, the local newspaper decided to write a complete nonsense article about my 'anti-helmet manifesto' and how I'm on a crusade to get people to stop wearing them, putting words in my mouth and making me sound ridiculous.

      The police in our city more often sit on quiet streets waiting for people on bicycles to go through a stop sign without stopping completely than they sit at busy automobile traffic streets where every single light cycle, 5 cars go right through the red light, at 50kph (I used to live near one of those spots).

      It is made very clear all throughout society in the U.S. that it doesn't pay to be different. Shut up, get the fuck in line, and do as you're told.

    3. I do remember how they took your words out of context, and how a lot of people turned against you. It makes no sense, except they love their cars and feel threatened by those who don't need or worship them.

      In Denmark we are taking a turn towards something new, we used to be a social country, looking after the poor, and allowing for differences. That is a distant memory. To (re-)open the minds, and restore faith we have to speak up. I really hope we get there. In any case shutting up and getting in line is not how I want to live my life.

    4. It's not how I want to live, either, and I don't plan to do it any time soon :)

      I hope that the 'faithful' in Denmark will be able to turn the country back around, headed in a more humane direction. And, I hope for a collapse in the U.S. that will force us back to a more healthy place.

      In all reality, life is what you make it, and the future can only be better for you, if you decide to make it better for you. I suppose that's both an encouragement and a warning to myself (depending on how you interpret that word "only") - live free, live deeply, or step in line. On one hand, everything is possible, on the other hand, slavery. You have to choose every moment.

  3. du er ikke alene.

    lad os huske at grådighed, vred osv. rammer mest og hårdest dem som viser det ... ingen undskyldning, men karmisk reminder.

    be harmless,
    be well,


    1. Tak for beroligende ord fra en af de gode. Ah. Jeg er ikke stærk i det med at vende den anden kind til, helst vil jeg jo aktivt gerne være med til at gøre tingene bedre. Men i mangel af det, er det en god tanke at karma klarer resten. :-)

  4. Oh wow, I think the big difference is that people are getting unapologetical, even proud about it. Because I think a lot of the upper upper class never thought they should help/love the poorer people. There was some (more) decency involved? Maybe. Here in France, we have crazy people shooting people, and this leads for more racism, and more excuses for racism. And more excuses for the kind of behavior you are describing. And I don't know what to say to my 7 yo son when a crazy guy shoots children in the head...

    1. That, to me, is the creepiest part: how it has become normal. Or even worse: popular. I mean what kind of crippled society allows people to openly and proudly toast on the misfortune of others? And these guys at the bar belongs to the group of people who lived it large, with inflated houseprices and low interests. Now that the bill is to be paid, it is passed on to those who were never invited to the party.

      I feel so sorry for what happened in Toulouse, it brings back memories of that maniac in Norway, also targeting children. It doesn’t get any lower than that. Hugs your way.

  5. Thanks for bringing this out into the open. I honestly cannot understand why some people think that they ultimately deserve better than everyone else. After reading your post yesterday afternoon, I left work to pick up my children. To get onto the highway, a line forms on a neighbouring street and we wait our turn to get the light and turn onto the ramp. There is always some idiot who thinks that they can bypass the line (pretending that they will go straight), only to turn at the last second and drive onto the highway before everyone else. This is perhaps a stupid example but there are people that really think that they deserve to bypass everyone else. Why should they have to wait, like everyone else? Sadly, this attitude is quite rampant in Canada. Some people believe that they should get what they think that they deserve and screw everyone else. How do people get to be like that?
    The lawyers that you had the "privilege" to sit next to: how arrogant! May they, one day, experience what it is like to be poor! People do not "deserve", they have to earn and must realize how damn lucky they have it! As much as I totally hated it at the time, I was lucky to be a really poor student. There is nothing more humbling than breathing a sigh of relief when the bank machine actually spits out a bit of money so that you may buy some groceries and the thought of paying bills becomes a luxury. May these lawyers, one day, feel a little bit of that desperation. Perhaps it may make them better people...
    I could go on forever but you might decide to not allow my rant to be posted ;) Let's all try to page the nice people!

    1. Rant on Celena, I would never not post a comment from you.

      That example in traffic is a fine way of reading the society. It mirrors in everything we do, there is no faking it if you are an egotistical human being with little concern for others. But none of us exists alone, and if half of the population is unhappy and not thriving, the world is not going to stay such a pleasant place for these ignorants.

      I agree with you that it is healthy to have experienced poverty firsthand, unpleasant and humiliating, but also good. But even without it, I would still not behave in the way these guys (and the cheering girls with them). Unfortunately it is a symptom of a general shift in people. Everything is about net worth. Our politicians (even our new government) and the media leads the way, belittling and mocking the sick and the poor. We say they are the new foreigners. The hatred is still there, it has just found a new target.
      It has now become so normal to mock the less fortunate that no one even raises an eyebrow, when someone openly toasts to their misery. At least my eyebrow is raised. :-)


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