31 March 2012

A spring sandwich

My head is still spinning from the overwhelming feedback and support you have all offered on the Test Tubes. I feel crazy encouraged to make it happen, although I have no idea how. Paperwork, patent, funding, ugh, I wither. But I will give it a go, and keep you updated on any progress. It feels a little bit like we are in this together now.

And while we are on the subject of taking ownership of our surroundings: I passed the sculpture of the giant chicken feet in Nansensgade the other day, and noticed a message hanging from the bike parked next to them.

(The picture was simply too ugly with the bike parked in it, so here they are in a clean shot, as they should be, which is exactly the point of the message ahead..)

It is not a bike parking rack. It is a sculpture. Kindly avoid parking your bikes here because it is a cosy piece of art in our street. Kind regards from Ida, a neighbor who values the atmosphere in and around Nansensgade, please help us care for it. (And on the flipside a bike free portrait of the sculpture.)

How crazy good is that? 



Tadaaa. No telling we were back to arctic winds today. Poor tree.

And a spring sandwich:





  1. That last pic has some amazing colours. I feel spring'y now.

    1. And yet it was freezing cold, almost winterlike. I can't wait for warm a sunny spring!


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