02 March 2012

The ugly

Last Saturday the Copenhageners marched against the internet cancer that is ACTA (short for Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). If you haven't heard about it already, don't feel bad, it was designed to go below the radar. The whole thing is too big and nasty to get into here, so I will leave you some links below, if you should want to investigate further. Suffice it to say that nothing about this has changed my opinion on politicians, if anything it has been reinforced.

It was somewhat disappointing to me that it seemed to be the same crowd that always speak up. What is with the apathy? Where are "the people", moms and dads, students? Are they fine with the prospect of random internet providers surveilling their every move, and acting like the police? Or are they afraid to get trapped like the hundreds of innocent people during the COP15 climate talks, arrested for simply being there?

No to ACTA

These events are not surprisingly where you find the coolest bikes.

His and hers

(never mind people, I just want to shoot their bikes)


Copenhagen is mid bike raid, a week-long fest to celebrate the grotesque new and disproportionate increased fines for bicyclists. I could say so much about that, but I am exhausted right now. Just be happy that you are not a cyclist in Copenhagen these days. Riding your bike like a normal person, you could easily be breaking a law that makes no sense (.) anywhere else in Europe. And it will cost you somewhere between 700-1000 crowns (US$ 125-180). Per count. Oh, and during the big bike raid, you would think they at least cleared a few bike thefts, no? No. No financial gain in that, sorry. 

The next words out of me will be happy, I promise. Haha.

Links on ACTA:


  1. Yeah, acta is really bad. (so bad it doesn't deserve upper case apparently).
    you know I wish i had the energy to protest, and i should, but as a working single mom, in a city like Paris where my kid get out of school at 6, exhausted, it's not easy. I actually try to avoid crowds. This bike thing is horrendous. They try to make money everywhere. It's not just your politicians, ours are just as bad.

  2. Haha, that is funny, I have come across a few people in my life that I won't dignify with a capital letter. It feels so just, that way. I do understand it can be hard to go on the barricades when you are a single parent, and I too have a severe allergy to crowds, ugh. I didn't even attend the COP15 climate demonstrations (but covered it from a safe distance), for the very same reason. And then of course so many of them turned out to be arrested wrongfully, and left to relieve themselves in their own pants.

    I agree that the bike-fines are about money, but I am told we have set some kind of ugly record in both how many acts are considered illegal, and the severity of the fines. Punishing the non-polluters for breaking nonsense laws, while taking the congestion charge off the table, leaving cars to roam free. Makes sense. Not.


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