19 April 2012

Le yum

Before the big Parisian street art bonanza, I am going to do a quick one with everything else. Random yum that inspires me or just makes me happy. Why is sharing such a rush? I hope you are not suffocating at the receiving end of this. Here we go:

Check the direction of the rain...

Vertical urban wilderness

It is a vertical garden, wild and diverse, on the BHV department store. So cool. We should have those in Copenhagen, cleaning the air and pleasing the eye. Who says it should just be blank walls?

Vertical garden in Paris

Later in the day I walked by a church, L'Eglise Saint Merry. It would have to take something like this to lure a religiofobic in: an explosion of colors, with paintings floating in the air and giant folded paper birds suspended from the ceiling. 

L'Eglise Saint Merry

(My camera is flipping out again, it is either about humidity or dim lights, uuuugh!)

Saint Merry

It works just like a regular church, only here young artists are invited to decorate the space, and there are small concerts and performances. And female preachers are allowed, which is apparently not an everyday occurrence in the catholic church. I really like the ambiance of this place, warm and welcoming. If more churches opened op like this, I think people would relate to them again. Checking... nope, still petrified of religion.

When it comes to stores, I really like it when the owners personality shows. Come to think of it, that pretty much goes for anything.


The colors. I want to scream.



End of random yum.

Good stuff, don't you think?


  1. Murals are awesome.... period. I don't even mind advertisements, if they are hand painted! Glad you are having a good time in Paris! Your photos are giving me a Perrier-craving ;)

    Any good vintage clothing or antique store finds? Those are my weaknesses ;)

    1. I love murals too, mmm. There are nowhere near as much advertising in Paris as in Copenhagen, and the one there is, is mostly just cool. Ah.

      The flea markets had both, I got a couple of things, and a small handmade doll that reminded me of the ones my grandmother used to make, so sweet. :-)

  2. Beautiful stuff! : )

  3. Really lovely site you have going here, and nice to stumble across someone who also loves Copenhagen! If you are interesting in getting behind the screen, and getting to know some of the incredible production that is going on in the streets of the city you should try to have a look at http://cphmade.org

    Again, thanks for a wonderful read.

    Best regards, Asser

    1. Oh, I am a big fan of your project, and I am already linking to it in my Copenhagen Links. It is so important that we keep the local craft alive, I think of it as sort of a coral reef that we must do everything to preserve.

      Thank you for stopping by, Asser.

  4. Fantastic, I love that vertical garden. We are starting to see some rooftop gardens in Portland, but this would be so much more accessible to the average person walking by. I also like the little drawn guy on the wall on the right in that last photo :)

    The art in the church is fantastic as well - I agree with you, Christianity has done quite a lot over the last centuries to distance itself from the culture as a whole, and I think it's evident in how people are feeling more and more distanced from religion. A church is supposed to be an inclusive place for gathering of people for mutual benefit, not an exclusive club or a sales office.

    In any case, all lovely stuff!

    1. The vertical garden is fantastic. It rained like crazy right there, but because of the garden right in front of me, it made sense. Rain in nature is soothing, rain on asphalt can be depressing. Also, the vegetation cleans the air, and absorbs noise, we really should have a lot of these in the cities.

      And the church.. what can I tell you. They really need to snap out of it. All of them. Haha.

      (Love the little guy in the corner too, he's a real showstopper)

  5. WOW! 4.5 euros for a Caipirinha!!! That IS a happy hour.

    1. Ha, I didn't even notice the prices. For some reason I have mostly experienced Paris sober and during the daytime. Maybe I should do a night version sometime?


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