02 April 2012

Ousting Blixen

Copenhagen is at half steam at the moment, with all the Jutlanders going back to the roots, or far, far away to celebrate (or ignore) the Easter holidays. The only fun to be had is the one you can provide for yourself. My go-to ingredients are good food and my camera. So I eat: oysters, raspberry tart with truckloads of sour cream, toasted stone baked bread with salt infused butter, the extra yummy olive oil on everything, rib eye steaks, more raspberry tart with more truckloads of sour cream... you get the picture. And you get the pictures too:


Backlit guys on top of Østerbro Stadion.

And then comes the fun part...


...hahaha sliiiiding. Crazy funny.


And looking at the lakes never gets old..

Reading glasses

...especially when they look back at you. Is that not reading glasses? It totally is!

Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen ousted as the mayor of a brown bar? See, people without smartphones don't get it (as in me).

And if you are not maxed out on Classic Copenhagen already: I was interviewed by German journal Et Voilà, my very first interview as a blogger (drum roll, or something.. maybe more raspberry tart with truckloads of sour cream?), and it aired today. If you go and say hi to me over there, it is almost like we are on a group trip to Germany. :D



  1. Awesome pics, as usual ;) Congrats on your interview! I'll catch you in Germany- please have some extra tart and sour cream ready ;)

    1. Haha, thank you Celena, I am on it. See you in Germany! :D

  2. Sandra, your photos are always so beautiful (similar comment to that of Celena); I really enjoy!
    And so many interesting details to discover in Copenhagen.
    I wonder if it were the same in my town if I would look for it.

    1. Hi Ulrike, that is so good to hear, thank you :-)
      There are a lot of details, once you start looking, but most of them are in hiding. There are probably a lot of details where you live too, especially if it is a big city. You should go look for it!

    2. I'll have a try though I consider Nuremberg as quite boring at least compared to Copenhagen.
      Thanks for your inspiration.


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