10 April 2012

Shooting in the rain

It is gloomy here, cloudy, rainy and grey. I hesitate to bring my camera out because even a single drop of water sucked in could mess it up. So when I finally do bring it out, hovering over it like the hunchback of Notre Dame to keep it dry, it has got to be for something that will not be ignored. Something that makes me happy when I need it the most. And I really, really needed this little guy:


Cutout can-bird, strapped to a traffic sign. Crazy coolness!

(Insert really happy Sandra here) (Maybe even doing the umbrella dance)


This is pretty much all it takes.

Oh, and this:


A lost heart. Found.

All I need now is a glimpse of sun. I'll seriously die if it doesn't happen soon.
(End whining)


  1. Hi Sandra, I found your blog couple of days ago and I really like your way of seeing things... :-)
    I hope, that weatherforecast is correct and sun is comming tommorow (otherwise I join you dying...;-))

    1. Hi Zita, that is so good to hear. My go-to weathersite predicts rain with a side of rain, more grey. We just have to get each other through this. :-)


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