23 April 2012

Street art of Paris

When you find yourself in Paris, crouching in a narrow urine stenched, pigeon ridden alley, breathing through your mouth, trying to get the perfect shot of a painted creature, you know you are hooked:

Klone in Paris

Klone 2012

Klone detail

Look at that technique, it is almost like it is floating.

Paris is a mecca for street art (that and the use of bicycles have exploded since my last visit), it was everywhere I looked. More in some neighborhoods than others, but not confined to any one. Still you don't see anyone vandalizing historical monuments, mailboxes or statues. They know how to pick their canvas.

Mosaique street art

Nemo shadow detail

Classic Nemo detail.


Janaundjs (Jana and JS), they were everywhere. 

Janaundjs detail

I am finding it harder to get exited about the classic stencil work, but when they mix it up, it works. I love how it looks like the piece is developed on the wall, analog style. Mmm.

Fred le Chevalier

Paste up by Fred le Chevalier. I saw a lot of his work too, all different pieces. Crazy good!

Hard hat Space Invader

The Space Invader. This really cracked me up: a hard hat version for the scaffolding work. Hahaha.

Post it ode to the Space Invader

And then in a window: a tribute to the Space Invader, made from post it's.

Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol by Les Halles.

And that concludes the Paris tales, next stop: Copenhagen.

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  1. Fantastic stuff! I am so glad that you had the chance to find it!

  2. Hvis du ikke allerede har været der, så tag en tur til Hamborg også - streetart-paradis!

    1. Okay? Jeg tænkte at Berlin skulle have en tur næste gang. :D

    2. Jeg får lige snart lagt nogle flere billeder ud, men nu er der da ét på min blog :)

  3. Paris is a photographer's dream! Every time I go there I come back with a new sense of inspiration. The only other place which gives me that Is Berlin which has so many facets to it that it doesn't matter what your perspective and take on things, you will find something interesting!

    You have a great eye for spotting these pieces of art AND capturing them. I take a lot of photographs in Copenhagen and love seeing that you manage to find really interesting pieces all over, mostly in places I know.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. Although I am tempted to say that the pleasure is all mine. :-)

      I am aching to go to Berlin and take pictures, and look for vintage clothes. Last time I saw Berlin was in what seems a different life, it is time for a fresh impression. My camera is whispering to me that it should be sometime soon.

  4. Listen to your camera!!!

    I am inspired to go and see if I can capture some photos for our blog. Maybe I can get somethings half as good as yours!


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