06 May 2012

Earn it

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something, or push their own agenda. We have been spammed so hard that it now takes something extra to get our attention. Not surprisingly the coolest and most effective moves come from the underground. Like "Muliggør" (enable). This word has been stenciled to paper and pasted up around the city, with no clue to what it was about.

And then the other day I spotted this "laundry" airing on the bridge (where else?). And with that I finally had to investigate. It is a part of massive campaign for Bolsjefabrikken (the Candy Factory), the cultural house that moves around in vacant industrial spaces. The current space is now for sale, and they are trying to raise the funds to buy it, so they can stay put.


(My sweet friends, happy and clean. So cool, Copenhagen!)



The city desperately need places like Bolsjefabrikken, where creative minds can meet and play. So we can advance from this kind of communication:

Right now you are part of an experiment. Download our app. Create your city (skabdinby.dk)

Come on? This is bad. And who scans QR codes anyway? It is placed there by the city, and they are obviously trying to do good. If I did not take such a special interest in making Copenhagen a better and cleaner place to live, I doubt I would have looked it up, but as it is, I did. I managed to stay on the site for all of thirty seconds before my eyes glazed over. Way to drop the ball, people.

This one I spotted today, on a corner of Istedgade:

Catch the cyclist with your eyes, not the door!

Catch the cyclist with your eyes, not the door

Istedgade is one of the creepiest roads to cross on bike. Cars (well: drivers) have been reported to pass through at a speed of 70-100 km/h, and sometimes they pass so close to you that you are almost touching them. I am happy to learn that they are looking into ways of improving things.

The lesson for the attention seekers out there is clear: Ask not if you can have our attention. Earn it.


  1. Replies
    1. Nobody says it like Pacino. "Heat" is one of my favorites. :-)

  2. Al Pacino's the best :-)
    I got once caught by a car door while biking, and of course in Paris this doesn't end in an apology from the car driver, but he called me a whore (go figure)... I hope Bolsjefabrikken get the necessary funding. Qs for us, we got rid of Sarkozy, a good thing IMHO, and let's see what Hollande the "socialist" has to say and will do.

    1. Congratulations on the fantastic outcome! I am convinced that not only France, but all of Europe is better off without Sarkozy. From the news I have seen from the streets of France, the mood is electric.

      I guess Paris is only beginning to get used to bikes on the road, but it appears to be growing fast. Next time I visit Paris I have to try one of the street bikes. And if somebody tries to tackle me with a car door, and then calls me a whore, I will probably rip him a fresh one, haha.


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