03 May 2012


Wow, Copenhagen, just: wow! Twenty degrees and sunny, bare feet in sandals, chilling in the sun, ice cream orgies, open windows, birds chirping deliriously in the trees, trees in full bloom and all of the city's fountains up and running again. And to top that: tomorrow is a national holiday (the one they talk about cutting away to "boost the economy"). If you only had one day to experience Copenhagen, this should be it.

Last week it was freezing and tomorrow it may hail, we know it is about ceasing the moment and make it count. Our giddiness of today is why outsiders think we are crazy, as we hang on to every ray of sun, even if it takes blankets to stay warm, and for making a party out of these moments. But you know better of course, and having stuck with me through the whining, you have earned the un-whine. Today:

Copenhagen today


The fleas

The outdoor flea market on Israels Plads, it used to be only on Saturdays, but now they are picking up the pace adding Thursdays and extending the hours. The sellers of this picture were the locals (locos, haha) from my neighborhood, and they were making me proud by sipping chilled champagne and enjoying the sun. My boys!


An old meter from a taxi cab. Making me think of our discussion of working harder vs. living more. I love all the comments on that one, and the lines are open if you have anything to add. At least for now I am sure that a lot of hard-working people are happy that tomorrow is a day off.

Big sunny hugs to everyone!


  1. I want one of those! OK got plenty in California, but still I don't mind being spoiled that way!

    1. Ah, it was so nice, and now we are back to chilly. It was like a day of summer in the middle of everything. A sneak preview, perhaps? (or more likely all we'll get, haha)

  2. CopenhagenMay 04, 2012

    Dear Sandra,

    While I was upset with your whining over the winter and early spring, this wonderful post has made up for it, and I accept your apology.

    Yours truly,


    1. Dear Copenhagen,

      I love you.

      Always yours



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