03 July 2012

In da house

To be fair, Copenhagen is not only about mocking birds, most of us have only love for our winged friends. Lately I have been spotting more birdhouses than usual, in a wide variety going from the artsy to the more subtle ones hidden in backyards and trees. And, at the kindergarten flea market I spotted these:

Feeding station

Milk carton recycled

Bird feeding stations made from milk cartons and painted to match the surrounding houses. 

Egelykke mælk

It makes me feel good inside knowing that children are taught to care for animals at an early age.


Cool little Nørrebro birdhouses by Queen Louises Bridge. Although I somehow doubt that any bird would set up shop in the busiest street of Copenhagen?

Fancy birdhouses

 Vesterbro edition.

I'd say this just about makes up for pigeongate.



  1. Actually I dont think birds care if the street is busy, they live their own lives in the city either way.

    I have a question today on my blog, do you mind answering it? (Danish).

    1. I often wonder if the fancy city birdhouses are only for show, I hope the birds use them.

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    I am impressed to see such nice birdhouses :-)

    1. I think the two last ones are by the same man. :-)

  3. Man, Sandra, you've got some excellent pictures up in these last few blog entries. The shopping cart, this lower birdhouse arrangement, and that wrapped kickstand is FANTASTIC.

    1. Ah, thank you Reed! Coming from a picture-man, it means a lot.


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