08 August 2012

Chain letters

Venus envy. A quote on Kvindehuset, the headquarters of the Copenhagen feminists, located in the city centre since the 1960s. It was not the quote that drew me in, but the crazy cool chain graffiti.

Chain graffiti

Don’t let their venus envy or any inner counteract wreck us all

Don't let their venus envy or any inner counteract wreck us all

I tend to cringe at the word feminism. But at the same time I recognize the need for someone to speak up when women are wronged. The creepy fact is that sexism is alive and well, and equally practiced by women. On their own gender. Yes, women can be dicks too, how is that for irony?


  1. Sandra, one shouldn't cringe at the word feminism. I think sexism is worse these days than let's say in the 90s, and feminism unfortunately is still needed... and it's getting worse. they must think because it's better than let's say in the 50s, it's enough (or wouldn't they like to go back there?). but I saw you are concerned about pussy riot, and I'm pretty sure you think a woman has the right to have the same salary as a man, and all the basic stuff. Well I've always felt feminist. BTW how many men do you know, who are "feminists", or at least genuinely think we are equal? I think I can count 4. Maybe.

    1. The thing is: I don't cringe at feminism. I cringe at the word. The word brings out images of high-pitched man hating bra burning and very negative women (as witnessed as a child in my mother's kitchen). I know that is not what feminism is about, and I support women's rights and fight injustice (to men, women, children and animals) everywhere I can.

      I have been reading up on misogyny (hatred of women), male chauvinism and sexism, and I recognize all of it around me every day. And, I want to point out this oppression and fight it. But what do I call myself then? I don't burn bras, I don't hate all men just for being male (just as bad as the other way around). But I will stand up for women's rights any day. Anywhere in the world.

      Fingers crossed so hard for Pussy Riot, verdict is expected in late August. Hopefully the international spotlight will cause enough embarrassment that they will be freed.


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