24 August 2012

Dinner is served

One day I may have to document the seagulls in the Kings Garden. People leave all kinds of edibles (as in trash) behind, and towards the end of busy days these fearless creatures big as cats will hover like crazy. Standing next to you, creepy close, and looking you straight in the eye. Not so much begging as urging you to leave the table. 

But we are not just feeding the seagulls. Dinner is served for the likes of magpies, pigeons and ravens, and recently I have spotted rat traps in public places like the bridge area (yikes). If that doesn't motivate you to take your crap with you when you leave, nothing will.

This guy was systematic:


Check content.


Assume the position.






And let the wind take the crap.

They learn so fast.


  1. Once a seagull grabbed a sandwich right out of my son's hand. They've got a nerve that you kind of have to respect ;) They have made the most of our garbage culture!

    1. We have totally brought this on ourselves, and I don't see any easy way of reversing this behavior. Now they know where to look, ugh.

      The seagull who grabbed your son's sandwich reminds me of the terror of Illum's, on the roof terrace. It sweeps down at random and scare everyone inside, and then just go to work on their food. So funny and so freaky at the same time, haha.


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