16 August 2012

Goodmorning street art

Copenhagen street art have been at a serious slumber mode for a long time, but now it seems to be picking up the pace again. Finally! A big city without street art and other healthy traces of wildlife, is not complete. But we still have nowhere near enough, not enough big murals of our best street artists (Husk Mit Navn made a crazy cool one in Berlin), and not enough guerrilla action going on. For my taste, anyway. I am hungry for something big and beautiful, and lots of it. High praise to these guys for the effort.

The Westend street gallery, now curated by Gadefabrikken.


Gadefabrikken Westend

Kill The Bro

Gadefabrikken Westend

Mullet Bird

Mullet Bird


Art imitating life: a shopper by Torvehallerne.

And a couple of slices of Byens Hegn, I will do a more elaborate post on that project soon.

Dan Turèll by Oskar

Departed poet and local hero Dan Turèll, portrayed by Oskar. Uncle Dan wrote crime novels and a rare form of poetry that actually appeals to me, and he even made a couple of records reading to the sound of cool jazzy music. It is in my ipod, and that day it was set to play at random. It was the spookiest thing: when I took this picture, Dan Turèll started speaking. Like he was there in that moment, and approved.

(Now that Grooveshark is blocked for Danes, this is only other option for sharing sounds here. This is Uncle Dan in a recent mix. Ah, I love his voice and wisdom and great love for Copenhagen.)

Kirsten Schauser

Kirsten Schauser. Portraying the locals from above (you haven't seen the last of this piece, mmmm).

And finally what I consider a good sign. A Kissmama piece before the buff:

You only love me when you're drunk. (On Louises Bar..)

And after the buff:

Still around!

We have come a long way.

 More Westend stuff

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