29 October 2012


Yesterday we set our clocks back one hour, and almost overnight it was like someone switched the lights off. We are back in the dungeon, and it is pretty much as bad as I remembered it. Deprived of daylight and sun, my energy slows down and everything becomes harder. Like blogging. Sometimes I think I am all out of words and things to say, and then one of you leave a sweet comment or a hello,  and everything is worth it again. I thought you should know that. That it makes a difference.

It reminds me that I am not just standing in an empty room talking to myself. It makes me feel not alone. Even that crazy anti-gay and lesbian German lady (who shall remain un-googlable on this blog), writing me every few months suggesting I delete my blog, encourages me to go on. In her own twisted way. I hope that kills her, haha. Yeah, I am not a fan of turning the other cheek. Unless you count the lower ones.

Anyway, as you can probably tell from my cryptic week in pictures, I just returned from Amsterdam, and as tradition prescribes I have a truckload of street art pictures to share. This time I found myself gravitating towards the more aggressive ones. Not necessarily pretty or artistic, but the ones with a message. This one is my favorite:

Pussy vs. Pussy Riot

Pussy vs. Pussy Riot.

And on the same building:

Not gay as in happy...

Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you.

Let that be a lesson crazy anti-gay and lesbian German lady, every time you rear your ugly head, there will be something on the blog to show support for the basic human rights of the lesbian and gay.

Enjoy the censorship's leftovers
Enjoy the censorship's leftovers. (Zien en zwijgen / See and speak)
The Facebook bubble.

We eat the poor to feed the west. (Bustart)

Bustart detail

A creepy reminder of this infographic, revealing that all the best known brands in the world are owned by just ten multinational companies. I find the thought suffocating.


The war against the poor

Als wonen een luxe is, is kraken een recht / As living is a luxury, squatting is a right (?)

Amsterdam has the same problem as we got here: lots of empty buildings in the city centre reserved for businesses, and at the same time lots of homeless students and citizens. The Dutch used to have what I consider a healty system, that allowed for squatting if the owner of the building kept it unoccupied for a longer period of time. That is no longer the case. A change for the worse, in my book. And by any definition a war on the poor.

On to less depressing images:


The everpresent butts. What is it with smokers?

Otto Schade detail


Sweet cardboard flamingo, with a drooping head. I badly wanted to bring it home and nurse it back to health, but I left it in the wild. Same cannot be said for the outdoor version of Pussy vs. Pussy Riot. After all, I am only human.


28 October 2012

My week in pictures

Untitled Monday (Amsterdam!)

Feel good Tuesday

Ha! Wednesday

Untitled Thursday

Heartbreak Hotel Friday

Saturday, here I come Saturday

Sunday Sunday

(I am pretty sure that I have aged ten years this week..)

25 October 2012

An October fest

Okay. October. Looking back it has been a pretty rewarding month. Starting with the bunker show, and the collaborative effort to save the trees. Since the swings were mounted, the bunkers have been crowded with children and young families, the bridge corners have never been more utilised. The recommendation from the local councils on whether to let live or demolish must be in by the end of this month. Fingers crossed.


Still plenty of room left for the lovers.

The Test Tubes on the bridge are bursting at the seams, sometimes even spilling over with cups, and still up and running, although the experiment was supposed to be evaluated by the end of September. Does that mean that the trial period is prolonged? It is a guessing game. No matter what, riding past them daily makes me feel ridiculously good inside.


The Copenhageners are learning fast, practically begging they city to keep up with them.

In other news, these days mark the last for the free city bikes, with no immediate plans for an upgrade. It doesn't make sense to retire a free bike program in a city that promotes itself as bike friendly. Even if they were heavy to push and hard to come by (give people something for free, and they will treat it like it is worthless, ugh). The reason for terminating the program, was a budget too tight to accommodate bikes for tourists, prioritising widening more bike lanes. But surely there is room for the bikes in the tourist budget? I can't think of a better PR stunt for the city of Copenhagen. Or an equal PR nightmare, shutting them down. Sigh. 

Only in my neighborhood will you find a demonstration calling to overturn the government:


Vælt regeringen
Bless them for giving a damn!

19 October 2012

Because you're worth it

I know it has been quiet here lately. Life is making demands at the moment, the best I can offer you right now is lake porn:



Because you're worth it.

14 October 2012

Testing, testing, one, two, three

Testing, testing, one, two, three. The bunker show (part one, part two, part three) is on the road, let's see how this democratic process really works. If it works at all. The pessimists say: you wait and see, they will perform a mock hearing, pretend to care how the public feel, and then go ahead with the original plan. Demolish the bunkers, and wipe out the small bunker forest. Well, we'll see about that.

Friday was a really good day! The local council passed out questionnaires and soup, the hills were alive and the bunkers were opened up to the public for the occasion. And the trees were adopted. Lots of people move their lips when it comes to good intentions, but it is the ones who show up that counts, you know? I was blown away.

The Nile say: save the bunkers

Tarsiglov dressed up the Nile. I wonder if he might be the elusive Nile decorator?

And the crown jewel on the luckiest tree in the bunker forest, adopted by Tejn with a giant lock-on:

Tejn giant lock-on

Tejn lock-on

This one makes me so happy! One of the coolest pieces of street art I have ever seen out of Copenhagen.

My ancestors went hunting in these woods  
My ancestors went hunting in these woods. Tejn.


Swing-bombing in the bunker forest

Swing-bombing by dads

Swing-bombing by dads. "That's what you get for inviting parents to contribute", they said. I'm not complaining (this shot is from the next day, in case you are wondering about the schizo sky, haha).

Even though I knew there were bunkers, I never thought of the hills as hollow. But there are giant concrete domes underneath. Cool and clammy spaces, kind of big yet slightly claustrophobic.

View from the bunker

Goodbye daylight...

Inside the bunker

A narrow hallway with a big dome on each side at the end of it. The possibilities for these spaces are endless, it is a pity to think that they are being demolished all over town. Where is the imagination? Where is the bunker love?

Night juices

Glow garland 
And to tie the perfect bow on the night, a reader stopped by to salute the hills with a small tune.

I love my readers, you are the best. And I am not just saying that.

10 October 2012

The hunt

Sometimes I don't get me. How can I get so excited about street art, and not bat an eyelash when it comes to "plain art". I know my preference, it is the contemporary kind of course. But I don't get exited about it the way I do digging up macro magic in the public space. As I spotted this from afar, on the church turned exhibition space Nikolaj Kirke, my curiosity was mildly peaked. I knew it was "art". And I like it. But I would have jumped up and down with joy if it had turned out to be some mad street artist hijacking the tower.

Nikolaj Church

The moment you read these words, they are no longer mine, but your words.

The moment you read these words, they are no longer mine, but yours. (Lise Harlev)

Maybe it has to do with the sense of discovery, the hunt and the kill. And not just devouring something preapproved and curated by who knows who. I am a hunter and I get bored with prepackaged meat.

Now this on the other hand, turned me on:

Mini basket lock

A mini basket lock, practically urging you to kiss it.

And this made my entire day:

Ceramic street art

Ceramic street art! A guy passed by as I discovered it, and told me it was made by his friend. It was so good that he got to see, and hopefully pass on that it made someone happy. Maybe even you? Or is this your prepackaged meat now? How does it work?

08 October 2012

Adopt a tree / paging all Danish street artists!

Warning: if another save-the-hills post is not your thing, I suggest you skip this one because it is about to hit the fan. I am going to ask for help.

We succeeded in postponing the demolition of the hills and the majestic old trees by Queen Louises Bridge, growing on and around the WW2 bunkers. The decision was moved from city hall to the local councils. In the case of the sunset corners, it is up to 23 men and women who live in the inner city, viewing the case as a simple one: the bunkers are not "in use", therefore they should be demolished. Disturbingly unimpressed by the massive public outcry and media frenzy, and not taking into account that all the old trees will disappear. Or the fact that the bunkers are useful not for what is inside (nothing), but for the hilly landscape they provide. Everybody loves the hills.

On this coming Friday (the 12th), the inner city local council will set up a cart next to the bunkers for three hours to pass out questionnaires, but they have just made their position perfectly clear with this update to their website: "..we do not find the old wartime bunkers worth protecting".

Endangered old tree
Endangered old trees

Endangered old tree

Endangered old tree

We only have a very short time left to do something spectacular, and make people understand that the old trees are bordering on extinction. I know that there are Danish street artists reading my blog from time to another, and I hope they will see this and feel encouraged to "adopt" a tree. Any old tree on the bunker corners, any time before or on Friday. Decorate it (gently of course) and create awareness. Make a splash. Tell other artists and your friends. The sooner the better. If we can make a lot of people speak up by Friday, this could be our last chance.

The single voice of reason are not surprisingly found at the local council of the north side, representing one of the three bridge corners, all for keeping things the way they are. But on the sunny side we are in trouble. Big trouble. And, this time it may take a lot more than a single banner.

Save the hills (the first post)
The power of the people (follow up post)
Red Broens Bunkere (facebook group/Danish)
Indre Bys Lokaludvalg om bunkerne, m. kommentarfelt (Danish)

05 October 2012

Giving a damn

For some reason I feel a growing sense of responsibility for Copenhagen. If I see bad planning or recognize a way to improve things, I just can't let it slide anymore. And, acting on these impulses only make them stronger. The really important stuff can't be left up to random bureaucrats at the far end of a paper trail. They don't know the local stuff the way we do, and their actions have huge consequences for Copenhagen and the inhabitants.

In the case of the bunkers and the small hills and the old trees on the corners of the bridge, we (the people) managed to put a halt to the plans of demolishing them. But we are not safe yet. Next the local council sets up a pavilion on "Culture Night" by the bunkers, one week from now, to ask passers-by how they feel about having the area flattened. And now I am working on a new bunker banner for that night. How did I become this person who makes banners, all of a sudden? So strange. But it feels good to act.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of my system, haha. Moving on to fall pictures from Copenhagen:

Funky fall

Fancy fall. I love confetti, what did I miss here?

Aaaaand here we go: me and my hyper sensitive camera are going to have so much fun, with these artistic little misreadings in the next couple of months. Maybe it will turn out to be a good thing?


Waiter, there is a sunset in my coffee

Pigs in public space

Such a small area, and yet so many traces of people who don't give a damn.

Clearly someone gave a damn here. 

Rear view

This is going to be a good day, I can feel it. 

Weekend hugs to everyone!