05 October 2012

Giving a damn

For some reason I feel a growing sense of responsibility for Copenhagen. If I see bad planning or recognize a way to improve things, I just can't let it slide anymore. And, acting on these impulses only make them stronger. The really important stuff can't be left up to random bureaucrats at the far end of a paper trail. They don't know the local stuff the way we do, and their actions have huge consequences for Copenhagen and the inhabitants.

In the case of the bunkers and the small hills and the old trees on the corners of the bridge, we (the people) managed to put a halt to the plans of demolishing them. But we are not safe yet. Next the local council sets up a pavilion on "Culture Night" by the bunkers, one week from now, to ask passers-by how they feel about having the area flattened. And now I am working on a new bunker banner for that night. How did I become this person who makes banners, all of a sudden? So strange. But it feels good to act.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of my system, haha. Moving on to fall pictures from Copenhagen:

Funky fall

Fancy fall. I love confetti, what did I miss here?

Aaaaand here we go: me and my hyper sensitive camera are going to have so much fun, with these artistic little misreadings in the next couple of months. Maybe it will turn out to be a good thing?


Waiter, there is a sunset in my coffee

Pigs in public space

Such a small area, and yet so many traces of people who don't give a damn.

Clearly someone gave a damn here. 

Rear view

This is going to be a good day, I can feel it. 

Weekend hugs to everyone!


  1. Did you arrange the tree picture over the water picture on purpose? On my monitor, it looks as though the two were really a single picture, with the sky overexposed for beautiful effect, as though you were on shore taking a pic with the tree overhanging in the foreground.

    (Feel free to say, 'Why yes, of course, how perceptive of you to recognize my artistic genius.')

    1. Why yes, of course, how perceptive of you to recognize my artistic genius. :D The two pictures were shot within minutes of each other, so they are related. And I don't do random orders when it comes to pictures, oh, the time I will spend moving them around, until they work as a whole. I believe the word is "anal". Haha.

  2. Weekend hugs to you too!

    I think that it is awesome that you are putting your money where your mouth is (couldn't resist that one)! So many people complain, complain but never do anything about it. Kind of like a treadmill or hamster wheel... Thanks for the example- I think that I need to get out my banner paper and big markers ;) I am proud to know you! Have a fantastic weekend!
    PS: LOVE the confetti- glad someone was celebrating!

    1. Ah, Celena you are so sweet. :-)

      I do recognize the hamster wheel feeling, and when I get it, I always feel an urge to break out. You should totally get out your big markers and have some fun. It makes me happy to know that I inspired you.

      Big hugs for you and a great weekend.


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