10 October 2012

The hunt

Sometimes I don't get me. How can I get so excited about street art, and not bat an eyelash when it comes to "plain art". I know my preference, it is the contemporary kind of course. But I don't get exited about it the way I do digging up macro magic in the public space. As I spotted this from afar, on the church turned exhibition space Nikolaj Kirke, my curiosity was mildly peaked. I knew it was "art". And I like it. But I would have jumped up and down with joy if it had turned out to be some mad street artist hijacking the tower.

Nikolaj Church

The moment you read these words, they are no longer mine, but your words.

The moment you read these words, they are no longer mine, but yours. (Lise Harlev)

Maybe it has to do with the sense of discovery, the hunt and the kill. And not just devouring something preapproved and curated by who knows who. I am a hunter and I get bored with prepackaged meat.

Now this on the other hand, turned me on:

Mini basket lock

A mini basket lock, practically urging you to kiss it.

And this made my entire day:

Ceramic street art

Ceramic street art! A guy passed by as I discovered it, and told me it was made by his friend. It was so good that he got to see, and hopefully pass on that it made someone happy. Maybe even you? Or is this your prepackaged meat now? How does it work?


  1. I feel like, similarly with music, I find that I like *some* things in almost any genre, but I don't categorically like or dislike any whole genre. There are some pieces of classic art that I find incredibly beautiful, and some which don't do anything for me. Some pieces of street art give me shivers, and some are just kind of cute or just kind of 'eh...'

    One thing that is nice about street art, is that it is curated in public space, so you don't have to go into a gallery or museum - and part of the creativity is making it fit into that already-determined 'gallery' space, whereas a gallery or museum is usually arranged to accommodate the pieces on display :)

    I need to get a little lock like that for my new panniers, if they ever arrive from the Netherlands...

    1. I know what you mean. And it is not that I dislike art. It just doesn't seem to get me exited. It is like a person who knows he/she is really beautiful, yeah, look at you all pretty and full of yourself, ha.

      Totally unfair to art and pretty people, of course. Street art have a way of hiding in plain sight, and once you tune ind, you start to discover it and recognize the beauty. You develop a taste, I guess. I know what I like by the way it makes me feel. That goes with people too. :-)

  2. "I know what I like by the way it makes me feel."

    Yes, exactly. Art and people are the same thing in this sense, since what you're reacting to in any case, is a person's expression of themselves (through art or language or action or dress or whatever else).

  3. Hi Sandra, I also love academic art. This is such a vast topic... I'd say good and bad on both parts, and I could write a book about it (but who cares?) ;-)
    Street art needs street photographer to be documented, it disappears so fast!

    1. One of my favorite things about street art is that it allows for interpretations. But maybe street art is just another side to the same thing. Art is art.


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