09 December 2012

For elves sake!

The plan was all set: this time around I was going to ignore the crap out of jul*. I have never been able to make this season work for me. But I am no good with limitations, not even the ones I set up for myself. And, they make this jule thing really, really hard to ignore when they put tiny little pine hands on signs carried by jule trees.

My family in the rainforest needs your support (oh, the pine hands!)

My family in the rainforest needs your support. Give rainforest as a jule present.

Support my family in the rainforest

Support my family in the rainforest.

The tree seller on the bridge must be the kindest man in the world, allowing the organization Verdens Skove (the forests of the world) to use his trees to create awareness for the rainforest. They were on the spot, selling certificates of smaller amounts, to give away as presents.

Holding hands

Even his working gloves were friendly.

Yesterday we had another hit of my favorite fleas Rita Blå's Lopper. I left a flyer on the side of the blog for you, did you notice? If you had the chance to go, and didn't, you may go ahead and kick yourself because it rocked. As usual. And outside the kindest old man was baking the yummiest æbleskiver I have had since my grandmother passed:


Delicious. No, that doesn't cover it. Crazy yum!

The jule spirit is everywhere, you can run..

Nile kids
...but you can't hide.

*Longtime readers will recognize my refusal to call this Christmas. There is no Christ in jul, for elves sake!

Verdens Skove (in English, Danish and Spanish)


  1. Ahah, I use to love this season, but now, eh, i'm getting to old to feel any excitement. Luckily my son is here to remind me. He is presently singing to me like a maniac in his santa claus hat....
    To me way worse than the 25th, is New Year's Eve. Never liked the forced parties, and the shiny dresses... I only like shiny dresses out of context.
    Hope you can manage to go to 2013 with joy though ;-) Big hugs Sandra!

    1. Yeah, we have this conversation every year, haha, it is so cosy this way, like we spent jul together a couple of times already. Celebrating Christmas/jul with children really makes all the difference, I wouldn't mind a dose of a little singing maniac in a santa hat.

      New years eve is the next hurdle, but for now I focus on getting through the 24-25-26th. Then, the party that never turns out great (shiny dresses are best out of context, I totally agree with you). Maybe I should think about a new little project to start the year with again, that really made all of the difference last time. And I need to cover my friends up again for new years, especially since any paint action would be covered by the big container Væggen.

      I hope you get through to 2013 dressed in a smile, too. Big hugs back at you Carole! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. De der fingre, jeg dør simpelthen. De ælter mit hjerte.

  3. Great pictures..we arrive in Frederiksberg for a week tomorrow morning and I can't wait to be back....

    1. Thank you Melanie. Remember to bring warm clothes, we have had snow all day, and it is freezing cold. But so beautiful, a good time to visit.

  4. The tree idea is so cute, so nice of the man who did this.

    1. I agree, I told him so too, and he said that this was the least he could do, as his job was selling trees.

  5. It looks like Santa Claus is peeing on that balcony!

    But yes, cute trees.


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