28 December 2012

Trash poetry

As far as I am concerned this metal scrap container, left in the middle of the street, could easily be a piece of art hidden in plain sight. I am tempted to set up a fancy rope around it and throw a small reception. Uh, and maybe paint a red carpet on the ground. This is serious yum:


The old Copenhagen street lamp, hanging in a little longer. It was not until they started removing them that I fully realised how cool they are, and how much I will miss them when they are gone. By next year they will all be replaced with the white and more environmentally friendly version. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Copenhagen metal

Copenhagen metal. Is it just me, or is that a little hostile? Poor bike.


Mmm, the footprint.


Giant weather bleached sticker from the container company, pushing the image of how well they get along with the environment. We get the message...


I think of it as trash poetry.


  1. kære sandra, du gør det bare igen og igen -og igen og igen og-!!! TAK fordi du deler dine fabelagtige evner for at få øje på kbh, she's worth it<3 -ønsker dig et fantastisk nytår<3 knus von muttilove

    1. Årh, Muttilove, hvor er du sød! Nogen gange kan jeg godt tænke bagefter at man som læser da er ligeglad med en container, eller andet jeg stiller skarpt på, men det er jo det jeg ser. Så er det svært at holde kæft. Dejligt at høre at du også kan lide det. :-)


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