18 December 2012


Last week we had snow. Bike lanes were only partially cleared, which is still pretty good, but no self-respecting Copenhagener will shy back from the bike just because of a little snow (they don't call us the biking vikings for nothing), so the pressure on the reduced bike lanes increases. There is lots of nagging going on about the inconveniences, but secretly a lot of us love the winter magic. And, those who think they don't, may re-think their position now that we are back to grey and rain.

Supporting cast, winter edition

Endangered tree. We won't know about the fate of the old trees and the bunkers before sometime next year, but if it were not for the public outcry, the bunkers, this old tree and many others like it would have been gone by now. Look at that beautiful tree. What were they thinking?

The Nile, jule edition

Full Nile shot, I figured I owed you that one. Also, since my last session someone added lederhosen.


Not cool!

What's with the let's-get-drunk-and-throw-sh*t-on-the-ice thing? Seriously: idiots.

Speedy seagull

One moment it is there, the next it is gone. 

No doubt it will be back with a vengeance.


  1. another wonderful post from a wonderful girl about a wonderful city xoxo Have a great day, Sandra!

    1. Oh, you are sweet, putting a big smile on my face, thank you Karina. :-)

  2. Isidioter, ingen tvivl. Men fedt billede.

  3. isn't that a "mankini" on Neptun?

    1. But does a mankini come with suspenders? Maybe it is. He looks more undressed with it, than without it, for some reason. Haha.


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