29 January 2013

Berlin spam, part three

What inspires me? I will show you what inspired me in Berlin, and explain why if I can. The first thing that I spotted from across the street was this rooster, it was love at first sight.

Black bag rooster

Plastic bag rooster

He is made from a black garbage bag, by a South African woman based in Berlin. Have you ever seen a cooler creature? Of course I am a sucker for anything with a face, but mostly I am madly inspired by the fact that you can turn an everyday object into something this fantastic. He lives with me now.

Peeled perfection

Crazy yum! A street collage in sexy layers created by the surroundings, by the weather, pollution and people brushing up against it. If the flyers had all been in one piece, I would not have looked twice, or spent ten minutes trying to capture it in the freezing cold. Flaws are my favorite thing.


The mixed techniques.. I don't know. I break out in a happy sweat every time I look at this.

And this one, mmmm SO good:



Life sized guy, made from old wallpaper. He reminds me of the graphic posters from the 1950s.

The exception to the pretty-is-boring rule, is when you put a terrycloth turban on it, then it totally works.


The weird little stores that sell these things, are my favorites, the perfect hunting ground. Ugh, I should have bought this one, and worn the turban in the shower. What was I thinking? Why is this so good? Because it is a collage? The colors? The perfect mix of ugly and "pretty"? I can't get tired of looking at this picture, so strange.

But the most inspiring thing is the journey itself, and how every little step of the day is different. I am such a creature of habit, so these trips outside the comfort zone are a requirement. This, and the one that came right before it, is nothing short of the best coffee I have ever had:

A Double Eye special

The Double Eye coffee shop, introduced to me by the sweet Amalie and Allan. Behold the Double Eye special: condensed milk, heavenly espresso and foamy milk on top. Is it odd that I get inspired by this? I have a big smile on my face right now, just from looking at it.

(The end of Berlin spam for now)


  1. Sandra, I am so jealous....that rooster is beautiful!

    1. Yes! You see it too, that makes me really happy. :-)

  2. I LOVE your rooster and the coffee is giving me cravings! I appreciate that you see the details and all the levels in both intentional art and the simple things that become art. That sort of wallpaper used to hang in my bedroom when I was little- yes, I am a child of the early 70's ;) Awesome cosy flashback! Glad you were inspired- I would be too! Hugs!

    1. The coffee is giving me cravings too, haha. I bought a kilo of the beans to grind at home, plus a tube of the condensed stuff, and although it is not the same, it is pretty damn good. If you ever go to Berlin, you must try coffee in this tiny place. :-)

      PS! The rooster says hi.


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