18 February 2013

Invisible details

Yeah, so not every day has a higher purpose. Sometimes it is just about staying afloat and recuperating. Walking around the lakes, and bending a good friends ear. If she knows you, she will not frown when you make irregular stops to take pictures of the invisible details along the way.

Plastic strip garland

Hand painted plastic strip garland.

Cat king crown

Cat King crown, a leftover from last weeks Fastelavn, our Halloween for kids. Getting that crown is a big deal when you are a kid. Keeping it, apparently not so much...

Blue shoes in motion

Blue shoes in motion. Salt used for melting the ice is a killer of trees, roads and paws, lately I have noticed more owners taking precautions like this. I like people who like dogs.

City of Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen.

Iced latte

One mocca-latte-ice-extra-skim-milk-low-fat to go, please.

If only someone could come up with a solution for this cup litter plague..


  1. Hi Sandra, in Paris the plague is with the cigarette butts all over the place. Apparently the mayor of Paris decided the offenders will get a fine. So far no improvement, but these things take time. How about the mayor of Copenhagen keeping track of littering instead of bikes? How about Starbucks style cafe making people pay for the cups, maybe people would bring their own and not dump them?

    1. I know Parisians smoke like crazy, but when I was there the last time, I was impressed how few butts were lying around. Living in Copenhagen you see butts all over the place, there are only very few outdoor ashtrays here, and smokers don't seem to care where they litter. Gross.

      The cup thing is so stupid (littering is stupid), but the tubes worked, I would like to see them get another chance to do good. Come spring and summer it is going to be a Copenhagen cup litter nightmare, once again.

      (Say hello to Paris from me)

  2. Too bad that there is no one in CPH who wants to tackle the cup-litter issue ;)

    Lately, I am frustrated with the dog poop in our neigbourhood. Nothing like discovering that the nice snow covered play area has a secondary layer of frozen dog turds- GROSS!

    Hugs to you!

    1. Eeeek, frozen dog poop!? As you may recall owners here have a habit of leaving the turds in bags on the sidewalks. Sometimes there are not enough trashcans along the way, and I sort of get why they don't want to bring it back home with them, but still. Gross.

      At least they make the effort to wrap it up nicely, haha. Did you ever see the ones with little Dannebrog flags in them? People highlighting the unwrapped turds. So funny.

  3. Yes! I saw one of those Dannebrog turds and it totally cracked me up!

    Have a great weekend!


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