07 February 2013

Spanking alert!

As soon as I am done coughing my insides out, there will be some serious spanking going on in here. Yes, I am talking about you, City Architect of Copenhagen, looking the other way while real estate developers rob our city of entire forests of precious old trees. Ah, you thought we wouldn't notice? That we don't care? You have another thing coming.

Hva lavr I bag ligusterhækkn / What are you doing behind the privet

Hva lavr I bag liguster hækkn? / What are you doing behind the privet?


  1. If I were that architect, I would be shaking in my shoes right about now ;) Hope you are feeling better. Have a great weekend! Hugs!

    1. Ha, the city administration is mighty and ignorant, they will probably not even notice. But hopefully it will make some kind of difference. If we can save even one tree in the future, it will be worth it.

      A great weekend to you too. With hugs, of course. :-)


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