30 March 2013

Operation Cherry Tree

Blogging about Copenhagen takes a backseat to fighting for trees at the moment. Somehow I have told myself that the two subjects don’t mix, even if the tree hugging is taking place in Copenhagen. Maybe I am wrong? I do feel like showing you an amazing thing that took place this week: I witnessed a cherry tree transplant.

In total fifteen trees were rescued from the chainsaw. If these trees had been on the other side of the fence, they would have been the territory of the park people of Copenhagen, and gone by now. As it is, they belong to the Department of Health Services, and this is why instead of a muddy field, the elderly of Copenhagen in De Gamles By now have a small cherry tree forest. So cool! This is how it's done:

0: before moving day

Before moving day. 

1: grab the tree

The grabbing, executed by Nordisk Træflyt. It works like a big hand with claws, grabbing, closing and digging in the "claws" one by one, to scoop up the root and 3.5 ton of the surrounding soil.

2: scoop it up

Scoop it up.

3: transport it to the hole you prepared

Transport it to the hole you prepared.

3.5 ton jordhaps
4: position it, and gently release

Position the tree, retract the claws one at the time and gently release.

5: there


6: scoop up soil to fill tree hole

Scoop up a soilplug to fill tree hole.

7: soil plug

8: soil plug in transit

9: rescued cherry tree park

The rescued cherry tree garden.

Job well done

And on to the next emergency. 

Why would anyone cut down a perfectly healthy tree, where we need them the most, when this can be done? I really wish they would leave healthy trees alone in the first place, but short of that, a rescue should be the only other option, if at all possible. I can't wait to return for the bloom. 

25 March 2013

So close...

Is there something to the theory that you get blue and exhausted in between seasons? Spring is not here yet, but there is a promise of spring... something in the air. Hope, I guess. Impatience. Get here already!

Hej postkort! Hello postcard.

Seagulls It is so much colder than it looks.

Lake magic

Oysters. With a little imagination. You need a little imagination to get through the day.



Homeless, by Spyo.

Love Cph

Blød Lykke for the love of Copenhagen.

I want my energy back dammit, I have so much to do!

21 March 2013

Verdict is in!

Remember August last year, when the city of Copenhagen got ready to demolish forty WW2 bunkers? Including the ones on the bridge corners, standing to cost us all the big old trees? It was so close, by September they were scheduled to be removed, to make room for flat lawns and twiggy replacement trees, as someone in the city administration believed this was a better way to utilise the area.

We made noise, the media picked up on it, and with that the demolition was postponed and the local councils were consulted. They asked us, and an overwhelming nine out of ten voted to keep the bunkers. Since that we have been waiting for the final decision, and now it is here: we won! 

Yesterday I stopped by one of the old bunker trees and released it of its "endangered tree" banner. I had my first real tree hug, took an evening swing and tried to let it sink in how close we came to losing them all, and how they are all here because of our actions. It just makes my heart swell.

Rescued tree

17 March 2013

Postcard from heaven

This is weird: I have spent four days of this week in Amsterdam, and I don't have anything to say about it. I just collapsed as soon as I got there, in the good way. Ate, slept, biked, ate, slept, biked and took only very few pictures because like Copenhagen it was half snow/half rain and all grey. But oh, Amsterdam how I needed you.

Latte art

I spy a reindeer

I spy a reindeer.

A friend

I spy a friend. Usually it is dogs over anything, but this girl is the exception.

From Athens to Amsterdam, fight for anarchist social spaces

From Athens to Amsterdam, fight for anarchist social spaces. Solidarity is so sexy.


Peace, with a slice of heaven.


Albert Heijnstein...


..a spin on my favorite supermarket chain Albert Heijn.


Amsterdam is vintage bike heaven.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh. Immortal.

Enough said?

(Wow, just realized this was my 555th post! That answers the question then, haha)

11 March 2013

Liberation day

For the past few days I have passed this incredible eye sore on my favorite Copenhagen bridge. Another serious litter situation, rows of this crap:

Eye sore

I wrote to ask them if they had actually paid someone to get a permission for that mess (not that it would make any difference, mind you, I was just curious), or they had just taken the liberty of destroying the most beautiful view in Copenhagen, to push a product. No answer. Well, you know how I feel about litter on the bridge.


Garbage goes in the garbage can.

Litter free bridge



06 March 2013

A cargo mission

A friend of mine has taken the initiative to offer rickshaw rides to the elderly in Copenhagen retirement homes. The department of health services wisely went on board with the idea, and picked up the tab. The rickshaws were built in free town Christiania, and yesterday we went to pick them up.

Christiania bike rickshaws

Christiania bike rickshaws

I almost never go to Christiania. Mainly because you are not allowed to bring a camera (you risk being threatened or beaten, if you pull one out), and I usually feel like an intruder when I go there. Uninvited. I don't know.

Nesting birds

But yesterday I was on a mission, and I even snug my camera out to steal a few shots (see? It pisses me off, that I should feel afraid of pulling out my camera in my own city). I love the wilderness of this place. And so do the gangs, who have taken over parts of the free town. Gangs don't like cameras.


But the bike guys were the kindest people around, and the sun was out in a big way. Blue skies, spring breeze, it was intoxicating.

PS! People who bitch about cargo bikes on the bike lane better re-f*cking-lax. Just be grateful that it is not a car, stinking up your airways. There, did I manage to piss everybody off now, or did I miss someone?



03 March 2013

The carcass

The carcass, first comes the picking: 

Picked carcass

Then comes the mocking:

Humilated carcass

Cup litter

01 March 2013

Copenhagen light

The shortest month of the year ended with the longest day. There have been so many heavy posts lately, they have been exhausting to write and probably to read as well, so I will keep this one light. I got a call from P4, a radio station inviting me to a brief interview yesterday morning, along with the man in charge of the Copenhagen trees. We had a talk, and he agreed to at least try out moving healthy trees instead of cutting them down.

Then came a call from local TV station Lorry, we did a shoot on the scene of the latest deforestation, and Red Byens Træer (save the city trees) is now gaining support fast. Hold the chainsaws, please.


A tree with lips. Who cuts down a tree with lips?

Nogen vil ha' fri hash til folket. Vi vil ha' et frit folk til hashen!

Some want free weed for the people. We want a free people for the weed.

Danske æbler

Danske Æbler / Danish Apples. Oh, vintage yum!

And just when you think a good day can't get any better, this:


Have a beautiful weekend!