01 March 2013

Copenhagen light

The shortest month of the year ended with the longest day. There have been so many heavy posts lately, they have been exhausting to write and probably to read as well, so I will keep this one light. I got a call from P4, a radio station inviting me to a brief interview yesterday morning, along with the man in charge of the Copenhagen trees. We had a talk, and he agreed to at least try out moving healthy trees instead of cutting them down.

Then came a call from local TV station Lorry, we did a shoot on the scene of the latest deforestation, and Red Byens Træer (save the city trees) is now gaining support fast. Hold the chainsaws, please.


A tree with lips. Who cuts down a tree with lips?

Nogen vil ha' fri hash til folket. Vi vil ha' et frit folk til hashen!

Some want free weed for the people. We want a free people for the weed.

Danske æbler

Danske Æbler / Danish Apples. Oh, vintage yum!

And just when you think a good day can't get any better, this:


Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. ahah Sandra, i watched the TV interview, but of course couldn't understand a word (what a language he!). it put a smile on my face though, good to see you!
    seriously, thanks for the trees!

    1. Haha I know, it must sound so crazy to you. But it was good for the cause to get the message out there, getting the media interested is the only way we can make a difference. It is like direct democracy.

  2. hahahaha the dog. You must always keep your eyes open for photo ops, hey? You're great at capturing the little things.

    1. He was so sweet! I am aching to get a dog, uuuuugh. :-)

  3. Great job! As I'm not a facebook person, I really appreciate the blog;-)
    btw. that dog is cool:-)

    1. Thank you Gabriela, I am not a facebook person either (had to reluctantly make a profile to save bunkers and trees, but I make an effort not to have "friends" there), so I know it is important to have an alternative.

      The dog is so cool, I want to hug him. :-)


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