17 March 2013

Postcard from heaven

This is weird: I have spent four days of this week in Amsterdam, and I don't have anything to say about it. I just collapsed as soon as I got there, in the good way. Ate, slept, biked, ate, slept, biked and took only very few pictures because like Copenhagen it was half snow/half rain and all grey. But oh, Amsterdam how I needed you.

Latte art

I spy a reindeer

I spy a reindeer.

A friend

I spy a friend. Usually it is dogs over anything, but this girl is the exception.

From Athens to Amsterdam, fight for anarchist social spaces

From Athens to Amsterdam, fight for anarchist social spaces. Solidarity is so sexy.


Peace, with a slice of heaven.


Albert Heijnstein...


..a spin on my favorite supermarket chain Albert Heijn.


Amsterdam is vintage bike heaven.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh. Immortal.

Enough said?

(Wow, just realized this was my 555th post! That answers the question then, haha)


  1. Good for you, I haven't been out of Paris in ages, every time I come up with a trip idea, a snow storms or a ridiculously cold weather just happens... It's a put down. BTW i'll email you about our spring break, in May.
    love the photos. xx

    1. It really was so good for me. Although I almost felt guilty for spending so much of my Amsterdam time on the couch or just hanging. But it was what I needed, and the weather was lame anyway, like in Copenhagen and Paris too I think. :-)

  2. Found your blog from a cute image on pinterest :) Love your eye spy a reindeer! I'm a new follower ~Alicia

  3. Amsterdam needed you too! <3


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