03 March 2013

The carcass

The carcass, first comes the picking: 

Picked carcass

Then comes the mocking:

Humilated carcass

Cup litter


  1. Seems stupid but I feel very sorry for this poor bike. Probably gave good service and that's how it's thanked for it. Once a friend spotted one like this, we took it home and refurbished it, painted it bright red with golden stards and golden parts. It became Stella, the "circus bike" and the "welcome to Denmark" gift for another friend who has loved it dearly since then.

    I bet this one will be trashed somehow. I really hope someone will rescue the poor lad.

    1. I would never call that stupid, because I feel the same way. I am very attached to my bike, the joy it brings me, and the adventures we go on together, I guess this is what people feel like with their cars.

      And your Stella the circus bike makes me really happy! I think I may have taken her picture once? Stella, is that you?

  2. Close but not Stella. Very nice too though. Makes me wish to rescue another one.

    Stella's this one:
    Makes me smile just seeing this picture again.
    Stella is not touring lovely Copenhagen as much as it used too. It aged and to spare her, her owner decided to keep it as guest bike. I can tell you guests are pretty happy to tour CPH with circus style.

  3. Aaah, you made me so curious now, but the link is not working. Your setting is private, or something to do with permission. It would be great if more bikes were rescued, this one is down by the lake, along the recent extended bike lane, and next to the nasty corner cafe. Just in case.. :-)

  4. Ah sorry, now picture is public, Stella is out in the open :-)

    I already spotted the location of the poor bike. I'll go check it out if I have time this week. Have to buy some paint for another bike of mine, so while I'm at it...

    1. There she was! So sweet. It would be fantastic if there was a happy ending for the poor carcass. :-)

  5. Stella is awesome!

    At least this bike was spared the lakes. When the bikes are covered with garbage and rust in the water, it is even more sad :(

    I hope someone rescues the bike... considering how expensive bikes are in DK, it would be a win/win.

    Happy weekend!

    1. I am thinking this could be an idea for the "protected workshops" (beskyttede værksteder?), like the ones that used to build and maintain the free city bikes. Putting together cool bikes, from parts. That would make so much sense. Win/win/win. :-)

    2. YES! such workshop would be so cool!

      From my experience re-building and painting Stella, I can tell it's not that easy when you have no storage room and no workshop... And painting in the backyard is not so nice for neighbours (although most we saw were supportive actually).

      And material is there: I just spotted 3 "new" carcasses along the Kirgegaard cemetery northern wall, on my way back home.

      Such workshop would even teach people how to care for their new very custom-made bike. So cool. Recycling/Rescuing/Teaching/Learning/Having fun... Win/win/win/win/win and so on I'd say.

    3. What would it take for such a project to happen, I wonder? They probably already have the workspace, from the city bike project.. So many wins, someone should look into that.

    4. Well, that's where I really wish I'd be able to speak proper Danish :-) Didn't even know there was a city bike project workshop: I thought these free city bikes were managed by Copenhagen city services (and by the way, could not find out what's gonna happen next for these: no more free city bikes?).

      I guess it would take space and time, shelter space for the workshop and storage space for parts, time for people to be there, having opening hours, helping each other, rescuing carcasses, etc. And quite a few tools too.
      Otherwise, I guess these guys would also have some ideas/suggestions/network on bike rescue and recycling (REcycles then, he he):
      I just saw they have a pedersen bike in their bike library. Gonna jump on the occasion to borrow it, I always wanted to try one, they look so funny and bit awkward.

  6. It would also be a totally cool project for immigrants. Having a bike = easier access to the city = less feeling of exclusion. After I bought my bike in CPH (it took a while to save up and I had a fairly decent pay), I could explore the city and feel more at home. A cheap (but cool) bike could be a really neat way to say "welcome".

    1. There are a lot of bike shops selling used bikes here for around 1000 crowns these days. But the feeling of buying one custom made from rescued parts, and having it stand out, so it is less attractive to steal, would be so cool.

      Of course if you take longer rides, and live here, you might want the limousine experience, with a couple of gears, a comfy seat and a nice fatty chain. Ah, I am talking myself into going for a ride now, haha.


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